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Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by THIRSTYGUMS, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. Well im going to go ahead and upgrade my Olp sting and give it a new paint job, here are some pics >>>>>>>

    A: is the original pearl metallic blue colour which I THINK sucks:spit: ..

    B: is the grain after stripping, not Too bad...

    I dismantled and gave the frets a light dressing, then i took the body out side and began dousing on the Nitromors (i used the Craft and furniture version Nitromors in the orange tin designed specifically for lacquer and varnish) Just followed directions on the tin and the paint came off straight away with no fuss. Far and away a better job than ive done before with the straight PAINT stripper version.

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  2. if you can pull that off, you'll be the envy of many. They'll be "green" with envy :D

    are you going to practice on a scrap piece of wood before attempting it on your bass?
  3. well i previously redid an eighties explorer style guitar in a two tone black with go faster white stripes type of finish which turned out quite well. so i feel im ready to rumble!!! But im gonna post any disasters or uncommon successes for reference in case anybodys interested.
  4. is that a greenburst or just a shadow?
  5. klocwerk


    May 19, 2005
    Somerville, MA
    nice grain!
    Congrats, that should look swanky when done.
  6. Nice. I saw it after sanding and immatiatly though it should be a green stain, rather than green paint. I think a stained green burst will look awsome. Good luck.
  7. So i couldnt get my hands on a nice rich green stain so i decided to settle for the Translucent green spray paint from Tamiya (model no: PS44 translucent green polycarbonate) Which was a little darker than i planned but it looks ok...
    Only problem is the tin is tiny and the shop only had one so i only have enough to do the front face... buuuuut

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  8. 4 coats of the green paint, 4 of the black (hycote acrylic auto spray paint) on back of the guitar then once around with a black fade. a little sanding with 600 grit sandpaper and then 4 good coats of lacquer (again Hycote acrylic) . I put on the lacquer a little bit too heavey and i get a small amount of run. This is ok because i can sand it out in the next step.
    I will leave the lacquer to cure for a week then i will sand it down nice and flat using a flat block wrapped in fine sandpaper, then i will give it another 4 coats of the lacquer, dry, then sand and add one more final coat. then i will buff out.

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  9. pretty cool, but I would have done the fade on the face with an airbrush... and unfrotunately you can see spray trails from the green, but overall, not to shabby for spray bombs.

  10. totally agree bout the air brush but this is just a cheap e-bay bass with a fair bit of fret buzz. had it been anything a bit more expensive or in better condition i would have gone the extra mile. Having said that the paint was still wet in that photo and the flash makes it look a little severe. In natural light its much softer and prettier!looking:bassist:
  11. it is looking pretty darn good so far...with painted products, you really can't tell until the end (unlike natural finish).

    Don't take a "second best" attitude just because it is a cheap bass...remember, 90% of the reason it IS a cheap bass is because the attention to detail wasn't paid...now's YOUR chance to do that...turn this thing into a sweet bass
  12. Bard2dbone


    Aug 4, 2002
    Arlington TX
    And maybe you can put in a better preamp than the stock OLP unit. Upgrade to near-EB/MM levels.

    Make it a killer, a stealth bass.

    Oh wait. Doesn't someone already have a 'Stealth' model bass?
  13. +1 to whats being said. The paintjob should open up the doors for upgrading your bass to YOUR standards. New Preamp/EQ, and get a bartolini or a basslines or aero, or something, but a new pickup. You can go so far and to get a new neck, like a graphite one by modulus or something.
  14. this is more like where im heading:

    Cheers for all the comments and advice guys, though I think ill just stick with a passive pickup as im sort of wanting to complement my active warwicks and i i find the olp hummers to be nice enough, just a kittle cheap... ill probably go a little upmarket but not much more than that, this is a budget project to kill a little time while im on my holiday (waiting for last terms results) cause im a student bum and im skint!!!

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  15. I can understand the budget limit. And it's cool if you wanna stick with that. Its your bass, and if your happy, thats what matters. You did mention however that it has fretbuzz, so I say at least get a fretjob or something done. Why go through all of this trouble to make it look badass, and still have it play badly
  16. Also, just a suggestion here; While the bass is still taken apart, go pickup some copper shilding, and sheild the cavities, or atleast the control cavity, because thats completly converd, unlike the pickup cavity, which can be seen through the pickguard. But this would improve the sound of your bass for like, 10 bucks and an extra hour of work.

    *I think there is a black shielding paint/paste, kinda thing, which you could use on both cavities and not affect the look of the bass. But I'm not sure, look around.
  17. Hey snakeanthony do you know anything about the duncan basslines smb4-a stingray alnico pickup? i want one!
  18. I don't have any hands-on experince with them, but I've heard they're pretty verisitle. You can get great tones out of them using fingers, or a pick, whatever. They're also marked as a hotter pickup, which would make it better for a rock kind of scene. And I trust BassLines with just about all of my pickup needs, so I say go for it.

    BTW, good luck with your grades. I noticed you were awaiting judgement....
  19. Hey ThirstyGums,

    Nice work...if the bass looks half as good as the photoshop, it will be awesome.

    Just a suggestion...I built a cheap gain-only preamp circuit for a Yamaha RBX-170 PJ of mine and it transformed it into one hot output bass for only about $10 (Australian) worth of electronics.

    You could look into doing something similar.

    I too, understand the bassist-on-a-budget viewpoint. I'm married with two kids ;)
  20. had a disasterous setback, i bought a cheap buffer wheel for my drill and managed to ingrain white fur in the lacquer, i was too impatient and didnt let the lacquer harden properly, IF YOU ARE TRYING SOMETHING SIMILAR WITH ACRYLICS LET THEM HARDEN FOR A WEEK OR MORE!!!!! but i think the front looks good and its dry enough to reassemble and play until shes ready for buffing out.
    I have decided to take it to a car sprayer in a fortnight or so to have her polished out. i also have ordered a clear scratch plate and Duncan smb-4a humbucker from the good ole' U.S of A. ill put up before and after soundclips when i have it installed.

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