Project - OLP Tony Levin - gutted and glamoured

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  1. So, with enough basses to satisfy my needs. I came across this beauty in a small store here in Australia.

    Instantly loved the colour and pickguard, so I thought to myself. Imagine how great it would be as a platform for greatness. I have gone for a 70's funk inspired look with White Pearloid Pickguard and Gold Hardware.

    Just for the clarification, I already have a Stingray 5 and bought this solely for something different.

    The Plan:

    OLP Tony Levin Music-Man 5 (Peach)

    I have stripped the bass of everything, preamp, tuners, bridge, pickup, everything.

    The purchases that are currently on their way:

    Schaller 496 5-String Bridge - Gold
    Schaller Strap Locks - Gold
    Hipshot HB1 Tuners - Gold
    Axemasters Brass Nut
    La Bella Flats
    White Bass Muffler from EBay Seller - Iztker
    Dimarzio Switchcraft Jack
    Pin-up Girl Neck Plate

    In addition to this, I have ordered a Stingray 5 Pickup from Haussel in White with Gold pole pieces. Wired in series and to have a darker tone.

    This bass will be wired straight from the pick-up to the jack hence the Series and darker tone to even the extra output and treble.

    Custom Guitars here in Melbourne are making a Custom Pickguard on White Pearloid with no controls drilled for a clean look.

    The only downside to the OLP aside from the hardware was poor fret work. So a local luthier is dressing the frets for me.

    Really excited around this project.

    Will post pics as it progresses. Wish me luck!
  2. The Bass in question...straight from Google.

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  3. Nice. I did a similar project with a $10 craigslist purchase of a cheap Ibanez GSR100.
  4. Minor setback with the pickups not available with Gold pole piece's. So sticking with Chrome.

    I also was able to swing a Seymour Duncan MM for very cheap so that's going in with the Haussel pickup now.

    Just waiting on all the parts now.