Project P-35 done.

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    Jul 20, 2017

    This bass is interesting, And a long story, the body I found at a transfer station, inside of the wood waste bin.
    I had to hide it under My seat as Your not aloud to remove "waste" lol.

    Its a no name basswood body no serial or Markings I suspect an offshore Indonesia but probably Chinese built given its extreme light weight.

    The neck I found in a Goodwill discount bin for $2.00 weird thing was the neck had its plate and screws attached to it with a serial # 8901762,and a headstock branded Mx-N I did some reaserch and was told this is a Cort PB1L neck from the late 80s,most Likely built in Korea.Now this is weird for a pbass as I've only ever seen this on Ric's and that is the lacquered fretboard, it's definitely a different feeling and I'm not sure if I like it yet.

    So the bass sat for a year or two collecting dust until My basement flooded and I had to move everything out of harms way, that's when I came a cross the neck, detached from the body still, and had an idea of using a bunch of leftover and discounted EMG regalia I've collected over the years browsing the Talkbass forums classifieds. I also had a spare set of the Gotoh 707s I love and a spare 201B4 both in Cosmo black that when I figured I'd use them on this bass though I was hesitant given the cheap value of the bass, but figured why not as it could probably use all the help it could get.

    First I sent it down to My set - up guy to route for a 35dc I had sitting around, the route is kinda janky as his router was to small and He had no template but given the value of the bass I certainly didn't mind, and besides its only visible super close-up.
    The next thing I did is rip off all the metal shielding from the pg and drill 3 new holes for the EMG BTS system, I also had to do some "creative" routing as to get all the extra pots and wiring to fit underneath the pg, I originally intended the bass to have the 18v Mod and did the required splicing in of the additional harness but had to revert back to a single 9v as the cavity was completely tapped for space.

    The pickups installed easy as well as the active preamp though I still prefer double volume over the active balance control.

    The last thing I had to do to make it playable was add A shim, I didn't have any, but what I did have was an extra brass neck plate which I inserted into the pocket, as the neck shape is not an exact fit unfortunately at the strings sit very high,even with saddles at maximum depth.

    Overall I'm happy with it, I'm digging the weight an and happy to use up all of the extra stuff I collected on a worthwhile project lol.

    Finished and polished.

    Can You See the "route"? Lol
    EMGP (n)
    EMG35DC (b)
    EMG BTS System
    Active Balance Control
    Gotoh 201B4 Bridge-Cosmo Black
    Gotoh GB707B 20:1 tuners Cosmo Black


    The Neck plate Not under the neck.


    The Brass neck plate Under the neck lol

    The Not quite fitting neck pocket


    The Interestingly color Matched headstock with the original ferrules, nut and string tree.The logo really gives away the 80s build of the neck, Still not sure If MX-N actually existed or was just a name Cort used in certain Markets.

    So, while I was drilling the new guide holes I accidentally broke off two off the screws, had My drill set Way too High.They are secure though.


    And The last and Most unique feature, the lacquered fretboard.
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    What??? Never seen anything even close to that at a thrift store. Nice.

    Great job. So, how does it play?

    - John
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    Jul 20, 2017
    It was actually in a store called Value Village which is a Huge chain of 2nd hand stores here, It was in a bin with sports equipment bat's, hockey sticks etc.
    It plays decently though the lacquer is extremely thick and sticky, the one way truss is also an issue as I can't get any sort of bow going because of the neck not being high enough in the pocket.
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    I’m always amazed but never surprised by the ingenuity and creativity of Talkbass members.
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    Jul 20, 2017
    Not sure if that's a good thing lol
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