Props to MF for good customer service

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  1. Hey Guys,
    I don't know if I'm stepping over any boundaries here. If so delete this thread. I am in no way affiliated with Musician's Friend. However, just like people come here and rant when they've been treated unfairly, I want to give them props for doing the right thing.
    I ordered last week a set of DR Fatbeams (Marcus Miller signature) 5 strings, light gauge. I got my strings in the mail promptly since I live close to their warehouse. I was excited and didn't pay much attention; took them out of the package, slapped them on my bass, and started playing. Only then I noticed that they were MEDIUM gauge, after I had cut them to the appropriate length and put them on.
    Truth be told, they are fine strings and still sound good. But they are not quite what I wanted. So I called Musician's Friend customer service. They cannot take back my strings. I mean, they could, but they cannot resell them. And, they are out of the ones I want (probably why they sent me medium gauge in the first place). However, I asked if they had Highbeams in light gauge. They did and immediately consented to send me a new set of those at no charge.

    That's how you get repeat business...