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Pros and Cons of a YAMAHA TRB5PII or anything in the TRB line for that matter

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by burns_isaac, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. burns_isaac


    Jun 5, 2010
    Interested in the pros and cons in your experience of playing this bass. There isn't one in stock at any stores in my area. Though I would never buy without playing I would appreciate and welcome all opinions from those of you who have first hand experience with anything in the TRB line. Thanks
  2. Dr. Cheese

    Dr. Cheese Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 3, 2004
    Metro St. Louis
    TRBs are great. Get it!


    Mar 11, 2013
    OK, well I’ve had a Yamaha TRB1005 since 2005. Up until now, its been the best Bass I’ve ever owned. It is very versatile sound wise and you can get everything from a good old Geddy Lee ‘clank’ to an Andy Frazer ‘honk’, and just about everything in between. I’ve recorded with it and used it live as my main bass since I bought it.
    I looks good from the body to the headstock. I say its been my best bass up until now, because I’ve just taken delivery of a TRB5Pii.
    This Bass is immense. I didn’t think it would be possible to improve on the TRB1005 but this is a revelation.
    The pick-ups are more powerful, the thru neck gives greater sustain, although its not at all shabby on the 1005. Every note is clearly defined, no matter where you play on the neck (no dead spots). The Piezo pick-ups also give another dimension to the extensive tones you can get out of the Bass but I’m still getting to grips with that
    Whatever the pluses are of the TRB5, don’t detract from the 1005 being a great bass, bear in mind the TRB5 is four times the price of a 1005.
    The problem may be getting your hands on a TRB5. Yamaha have discontinued them. Why? I don’t know, as the TRB5 was always described as their top of the range, flagship bass. About a year to six months ago, you could have picked one up on the web for between £1500-£1600. These were mainly ex-demo/display/exhibition stock, but were new. About January time the supply seemed to dry/be snapped up and they all began to disappear from the web. I managed to track one down from Dolphin music for £2595, but luckily one came up on another site for £1999 and Dolphin agreed to price match. I had been quoted as much as £2800 to get one in from Germany, and I have seen then priced as much as £3800.
    I would recommend you keep scouring the web especially sites like Dolphin, GuitarGuitar, Mansons, Promenade, GAK etc although the guy at Dolphin told me ‘you’ve got the last one in the world’. Be warned, if you do search, many sites will come up with them for sale. Its only when you try and buy one do the come up ‘no longer available’. Very frustrating!!!
    For you info, I play mine through a circa 1998 Trace Elliot SMX350 GP12, a Trace 4 x 10 plus on occassions with a Trace 1 x 15 as well.
    I’d pretty much guarantee you won’t be disappointed with either the TRB5 or a 1005. Some people say they’re heavy (I’ve not found this) , but Hey! We’re Bass players, if you can’t stand the weight, be a guitarist.

    Good Luck
  4. Wallace320

    Wallace320 Commercial User

    Mar 19, 2012
    Milan, Italy
    +1 all the time

    Truth is Yamaha means business!

    Rbx series stays as entry level offer, while it popped some smart opuses out in the past:)

    Bb series stayed on a hiatus for a while, now got rejuvenated thanx to a few, substantial, upgrades

    Trbs was top notch all the way thru... I didn't even know that top Trbs were going out of line, but if it serves, a shop near here has a couple of them, new, (Trb5 and Trb6) and a Trb1005

    Here's their site:
    Over here there's a Trb5PII bubinga top, a Trb6PII maple top and even a black Trb1005J

  5. rbolanos


    Apr 13, 2006
    I have played two TRB6PII. maple top and ovangkol top.
    amazing basses!
    35" scale, 24 frets, it has a nice thicker sound than TRBJP or TRB6P.

    the maple top, provides a great slap sound.
    I was looking for one a while back before i got my Carvin SB5000.
    hard to find, if price seems right, I would not hesitate (provided its in good condition of course :))
    some people thought it was a tad heavy. but i didn' thave any issues. I would imagine the 5 string version would be much lighter.
    good luck man,


    Mar 11, 2013
    Have you checked out the new TRBX's. They seem to be a re-fresh of the TRB1005J's rather than a replacement for the TRB5Pii's. May be worth a look. they have some nice looking features.
  7. Wallace320

    Wallace320 Commercial User

    Mar 19, 2012
    Milan, Italy
    No replacement for TrbPs, no match

    Unfortunately, it's a somewhat Trb1000 series (4/5/6) with no fancy cosmetics and passive ceramic humbuckers, instead of AlNiCo soapbars, apparently deriving from the Rbx line.

    The sound is huge but way less versatile and hifi than Trb1000

  8. burns_isaac


    Jun 5, 2010
    This bass is getting very difficult to find! I found one a couple weeks ago on a site and when I called to make sure it was in stock I was informed that the ad was old and infact they did not have it. Looks like I may be calling Japan direct.
  9. puremusic


    Nov 1, 2009
    Saginaw, MI
    I sold the trb 1005 I had to a good friend of mine to help fund my Cirrus last year.
  10. I've always wanted a TRB5PII but noticed a lack of them around. I talked with Yamaha in January and they said it was quietly phased out a few years back so the line could be used for something else. He hinted that they may reintroduce it, but was very non-committal. He said I couldn't even order one from the custom shop. I got the sense they would react to demand and as long as no one was asking about them they'd pretty much stay in limbo.

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