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Protecting My Wrists and Hands...

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by funk_engineer, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. All righty, y'all. I haven't done much in the way of physical activity in months. I'd like to take up running, and also some weight training for increased muscular endurance (increased mass might be nice, since I'm scrawny).
    Since I have plenty of classes and homework, there are many times I probably won't be able to go to the weightroom. Because of this, I've been considering things like push-ups and buying some dumbells to work in my room.

    -What can I do to make sure my elbows, wrists, and hands stay as safe as possible? Any kind of brace I can use or how often I work out?
    Cleary, messing up my arms is bad for bass, as my feet are not dextrous enough to play.

    -How do you decide how much weight to start off with for dumbells? I did a search here on lifting, and noticed some people recommending a book by Arnold Swarzenegger, and I may check into that.
  2. Velocimaniac


    Jun 14, 2002
    I had a humongous, 15 minute long post here that was somehow destroyed. So here's the short version:

    Dont load up with weight; if you can't do more than 3 sets of at least 8 reps each the weight is too heavy

    Work out your upper body every other day. On the other days, work out your lower body. Work out abs and obliques(love handles) every day. Run at least every other day. When you run and you feel like you're about to die, keep running. You'll gain much more quickly this way and trust me, you wont' die;)

    Dumbells and light weight will build definition(red muscle fibers)
    Heavy weight will build mass(white muscle fibers)

    Buy "The art of expressing the human body". It's got a big picture of bruce lee on the front. I don't remember the name of the author. That book has got all the information you'll EVER need to develop your body. I promise.:)

    That about covers it. If you have more questions PM me
  3. research, if you dont there are ways you can damage your body. I dont know how but I know you can. I'm scrawny too, I got a manual labour job to create more muscle mass
  4. jasonbraatz


    Oct 18, 2000
    Oakland, CA
    if you want to build strength in your wrists, THIS is the excersize that will do it:

    hold a sheet of newspaper out from your body by the corner (one hand), extending your arm all the way out
    crumple the sheet of newspaper WITHOUT USING YOUR OTHER HAND, and get it so it's a tight tight ball in your fist

    do this 5 times a day in each hand, then work up as it starts getting easier

    this WILL do it! supposedly a famous weightlifter who my jazz director knew did this every day for a year and after a year could crush apples in his hand.
  5. Interesting, but I'm more interested in increasing endurance/strength in my biceps, triceps, and pecs. I just wanted to protect my wrists while doing this. Though maybe my school's newspaper will finally have a purpose...

    Which of these translates to more strength/endurance?

    Thanks, everyone- keep any thoughts coming.
  6. More weight + less reps = more mass

    Less weight + more reps = more strength/endurance

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