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    Scurrilous is Protest the Hero's third album and it came out today, anybody else elated? I've been listening to them for about 6 years now and this IMO doesn't disappoint one bit! It's definitely different from Fortress but I'd liken it to the same way that Fortress was different from Kezia, a big enough change to stay interesting but a small enough change to not alienate you. I listened to the pre-release stream they had on aol last week and now after listening to a few times post release I gotta say, it's great! There are two BIG differences on this though:

    A) There's hardly any screaming on the album. The majority of the vocals are sung, and all I can say is WOW. Rody has definitely stepped up his sining over the past year. Not that I didn't love it before, but there are parts where it's truly something impressive.

    B) The second major change on Scurrilous is that, unlike Kezia and Fortress, it isn't a concept album. Which when I first heard I have to admit made me nervous but I've been surprised how Rody's tongue and cheek lyrics really work for me.

    Of course if you've heard Protest before you know they have a really technical sometimes almost ADD kind of style, and this album doesn't depart from that at all. Which some will love and others may not. (I definitely do :p) Also, if you've listened to PTH before you're probably aware of how talented their bass player Arif Mirabdolbaghi is, and if you don't know see for yourself:

    From their first album:
    YouTube - Protest The Hero - "Blindfolds Aside" [Official Video]

    And from their second:
    YouTube - Protest The Hero 'Palm's Read'
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    Jan 23, 2009

    I wrote a review of Scurrilous on my blog about a month ago. I was pretty impressed with the album as well. It's so dang catchy!

    I'd agree that Arif really sounds great on this album. I wish he was more audible in Fortress.

    I can't really even pick a favorite song off this album other than C'est La Vie. They're all great. My favorites off of Fortress were Limb From Limb (I LOVE it), Sequoia Throne, and Bone Marrow. The lyrics to Blood Marrow are some of my favorite. The "If a mortal stands before us, strike him down with sleight of hand!" breakdown strikes me as really brutal...
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    Amazing album, can't stop hearing it! keep replaying over and over!