No longer available PRS Silver Sky John Mayer (2)- Blue/Maple & Red/Rosewood

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    Oct 6, 2009
    Bonaire, GA
    United States
    I’ve got two PRS Silver Sky John Mayer “Strats.” They really knocked it out of the park with these guys. They play so smooth. Some of the best Strat tone I’ve heard, over years of owning dozens of strats. I have multiple of these, so something has to go. The Red is the classic 64 style strat setup. Excellent condition. The blue is the newer model. Has a few physical imperfections, but still looks great. Possible trades for vintage Fenders, Hofners, ASAT basses, or Les Paul basses.

    Red/Rosewood- $1800

    Blue/Mapie- $2000

    I’ll split actual shipping cost with buyer. PM for more info!

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