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prunes & custard sound clips?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by stevekim, Oct 14, 2002.

  1. stevekim


    Feb 11, 2000
    los angeles, ca
    does anyone here have sound clips of the prunes & custard on bass? i would be very interested in hearing them.


  2. You can hear a few on the web link in my signature below. "Ifree" "Emmanuel" The high bits in "Each breath"; all have the P+C. I don't utilize the touch sensitive sweep thing so much on those recordings, use it more like a fat subharmonic boost.
  3. oddentity

    oddentity Supporting Member

    Nov 20, 2000
    I'm in the process of transferring some of my band's DATs to CD. When I get that done, I'll post some clips!
  4. QTraXQ

    QTraXQ Guest

    Aug 16, 2002
    San Antonio, TX
    I have some prunes and custard that I'll need to squirt out later today. If you want them, trust me they're yours.:D :p
  5. Jeez..are we all P+C owners? I didn't realize that there were so many folks out there. MAybe we should post some settings or something. You know that I posted a "manual" of sorts for it on the HC effects review database....
  6. I'd like to get one, I played one once... it's almost perfect for synth sounds.
  7. No tone control unfortuntely, it does get outta hand on occasion but as long as you are careful...?
  8. I'm not to picky when it comes to tone control, I actually avoid boxes with too much tone control (except parameters those are different :p ). After literally years of too much EQing (SVT preamp into another SVT preamp) I've discovered a decent tone comes from a more simplistic amp setup. Give me a three band eq on my amp with frequencies I can work with, and maybe another amp for distortion and I'm set.

    Would a tone control make that much of a difference on the P&C? Imagine if you could control the wave rectification via toggle switch? ... that would be pretty cool.
  9. I was a big P&C raver until I recently picked up my MXR bass DI+.
    Some kinda midrange control would be nice - it's got a pretty harsh buzzy distortion when used solely as a disto pedal. The mix control also gets a bit stupid (treble kicker) when wound up.

    But with subtle mix and drive, it's a killer synth-envelope-filter-thing, responds brilliantly to playing dynamics.

    It's cheap too when you live around the corner from the maker! :D

    The band Elbow use it on guitar (I don't even think it was ever intended as a bass pedal) for a solo bridge in one of their songs - probably the only place i've actually heard it in a recording.

    I'm tempted to try a Hotcake (Paul's other beast) on bass - our guitarists use 'em, and they sound killer - but dunno about any frequency loss.
  10. You know Paul then? He gave me some terrific service when I was trying to decide on that thing. Answered each and everyone of my nattering questions; good guy! Do you have his email address? I want to update him on all that I've been using his P+C for.
    The P+C is a funny box..given it's apparently limited tonal controls, I have been able to get some surprisingly fat and huge tones from it. I tried a pal's Jazz bass through it and it sounded horrid?! Thin and buzzy. With my gear it sounds fat and corpulent....go figure. The best results for me were had by turning the volume up quite high and touching my strings fairly softly. Not a real "tweeter friendly" box I'd say..
  11. I've met Paul several times (don't know him personally) - he's a really, really nice guy, if a little eccentric! But you get that with the good ones!

    The email addy I have for him is croth@clear.net.nz
    - dunno if this is still active or not.

    I've found the P&C sounds great with my Rics, but lousy and thin with some others. The sign of a good boutique pedal, eh? ;)

    And another good thing? It's made where I come from! :D :D

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