PSA: LED lighting - Superb!

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    Let me explain how this is music related. I use LED lighting for doing setup work, including soldering.

    I was using CFL lighting, but switched, coincidentally after rattling one of the lights to death with my playing.

    It was kind of cool, because the light started flashing with the beat and then, PFFFST!

    Anyway, since putting in the LED bulbs, my visibility has increased significantly.
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    Feb 11, 2004
    We are gradually switching to LED's from CFL's here also.

    I've been using LED's in our conversion vans' interior lights as they are brighter with less current draw and LED headlights for band gigs & feeding farm animals out here after dark.
    PS: the RED LED setting attracts less bugs to the light at night.
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  3. what are Leds? ha ha ha

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    ;)Red light is also less disturbing to sleeping babies.
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