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public transit prices in your city .. ?

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by bassguitar, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. So on April 1st the TTC (Toronto Transit Commision) is going to raise fares again. I think it sucks and it's going to cost me at least an extra $48.00/year (as I buy 10 tokens at a time for a week's worth of my trips to and from work). It's not a huge deal, but they keep drawing more riders, so it gets busier and busier, service levels are the same as they were in 2001 etc. etc.

    It will be:
    Single Cash Fare - $2.75 (up 25 cents)
    Buy 10 tokens/tickets - $21.00 (up $1 or 10 cents each)
    Monthly pass - $99.75 (up $1/month)

    So I'm curious what does it cost's in your cities?
  2. I think it cost me around $5.00 round trip a day to get in and out of DC over the summer.
  3. Ed Fuqua

    Ed Fuqua

    Dec 13, 1999
    Augusta GA
    Chuck Sher publishes my book, WALKING BASSICS:The Fundamentals of Jazz Bass Playing.
    I get a 30 day metro card through the Transit Check program at my day gig, they take the $76 out of my gross so i don't have to pay taxes on it. The monthly card lets me ride as much as I want to in a 30 day period, so how much it's "worth" depends on how much traveling I do. A general week is
    WORK =10 rides
    Sessions = 2 rides (the days I have sessions I ride in the morning , from work to the session and then session to home)
    Lesson = 2 rides
    So 14 x 4 =56 rides + 6 rides (for the other 3 days)=62rides
    $76 divided by 62 =$1.23 per ride.

    When I gig in the city and take the train to and from, that just lowers the per ride amount.
  4. Its about $2.25(up 25 cents from last year) over here in Calgary for a single fare. ABout $19 for a pack of 10 tickets, no idea what youth or adult monthly passes cost anymore(probably like $80-$90 for adult), and it costs me about $55 or something like that for my Upass(can use it for 4 months if you are a full time student, so it saves A LOT of money since its part of University fees).
  5. Geoff St. Germaine

    Geoff St. Germaine Commercial User

    It is $61/month which is expensive enough that since my fiance and I are both students, it is much cheaper for me to buy a parking spot at the university with a plug-in and drive to school during the winter. Additionally, no buses run from the university to my area of the city after about 6 pm. During the summer I bike so it doesn't matter then. To me, it is sad that it costs more to take public transit than to drive (unless you don't own a vehicle at all).
  6. Eric Cioe

    Eric Cioe

    Jun 4, 2001
    Missoula, MT
    Cash - $2 single with no transfer (up $.25, lost two transfers at $2 before) for bus; same thing plus $.25 for train.

    Chicago card - $1.75 single, or $2 for single with 2 transfers.

    It's pretty outrageous if you do cash here.
  7. WillPlay4Food

    WillPlay4Food Now With More Metal! Supporting Member

    Apr 9, 2002
    Orbiting HQ
    It's $1.25 for a single zone fare here. A 31 day pass is $45.00 but I only have to pay 1/2 that through work. Much cheaper then paying for parking, gas and wear on the vee-hicle. Heck I might even apply for a reduced auto insurance rate since I've driven less than 2000 miles since August.
  8. BoiNtC


    Nov 25, 2002
    NYC, USA
    Only I live further in so I pay around another 154 a month for LIRR to take me from Penn Station back to my house... TransitChex caps out at about 110 for me I think....

    I spend about 230 a month on transportation....
  9. $1.75 for a One-Ride ticket
    $4.25 for a One-Day ticket
    $17 for a Weekly ticket
    $55 for a Monthly ticket
  10. bassjus


    Mar 30, 2004
    1.25 for one time
    17 or somewhere around per week
    45 a month

    this is in boston.
  11. MJ5150

    MJ5150 Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Apr 12, 2001
    Olympia, WA
    The last time I rode the bus was in 1985. Back then, it was .25 to get to the mall and back. I have no idea what it costs today.

  12. UnsungZeros

    UnsungZeros The only winning move is not to play.

    $1 per single ride
    $2.50 for a day pass
    $8 for 10 rides
    $9 for a week pass
    $32 for 31 days

    The prices aren't bad, but the service sucks. Also, it's only a bus system, no trains.
  13. melodies


    Jan 5, 2006
    the prices just went up where i live...it costs me $84 a month now....that's a lot of money that could be better spent on so much more..
  14. d8g3jdh

    d8g3jdh Guest

    Aug 9, 2005
    AH! That's my bad news for the day, thanks. I'm planning on going to Ryerson in September too, which means I'll need it more! Argh!
  15. Interesting to see the differences, but I suppose so far it's not as expensive as I thought it might be compared to other cities. Still seems on the higher end of the scale though.

    Scott - There are student passes avail from the TTC with proper student ID. If you're commuting from Aurora though you'll have to take the GO or something else to get to the TTC.
  16. britrit


    Jan 22, 2006
    I get the bus for free. yay!
  17. d8g3jdh

    d8g3jdh Guest

    Aug 9, 2005
    I know, but the GO is super expensive anyway, and i don't qualify for the student ID, at least not yet. I think i have to be going to school in Toronto or something. I'll look into it this fall.

    On a side note, have you been on any of the new VIVA buses? I've heard that they're nice, but I've never tried one.
  18. At the moment, I'm buying multi-trip tickets. A mt ticket will give me 10 rides for about $8 with a concession card (it's $11.50 without one). When I start uni later this month, I'm going to see if I can track down one of those uni fares they keep talking about.

    The bus is my only way of getting to uni; I don't have a license or a car.
  19. $2.50 for the oshawa/clarington transit. It is nothing comapred to the availability of the TTC, especially here in Bowmanville. I can walk where I need to go in about 45 minutes. One end of the town to the other. The buses run every hour usually aswell. You think you are getting screwed?
  20. jade


    Mar 8, 2002
    $2.25 for a cash fare (went from $2.00 this month)
    $18.50/10 tickets (went up from $16.00)
    $59/monthly (stayed the same)

    Students get a $4 discount off the monthly bus pass when bought at school so it's $54.

    It's about $12.50 more a month with the increases which really sucks for poor starving students.

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