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  1. embellisher

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    That has nothing to do with a Bass. Moved.
  2. hey mate thats a picture of a black p-bass with a telecaster poking out the side of it and with Bc rich headstocks! a laugh riot! just thought it was of interest
  3. my mistake! wrong link!
  4. LajoieT

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    Oct 7, 2003
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    Are you planning on starting a thread for every one of Hembrys instruments with the same title?
  5. just wondering, but what do you have against hembry guitars?
    the shape? the sound? did he buy you a bad burrito?
  6. Give it up, and MOVE ON!:scowl:
  7. Uncalled for.

    Scott's gotten good testimonials not only from people around here, but also from TBers- see Pklima's killer doubleneck lefty. When I was considering having him build a custom 8-string, the blueprint he outlined looked great, the price was right....but I was broke. :smug:

    He's just another man trying to make a living keeping musicians happy with a killer customized instrument. Yeah, it may not be boutique, and there's some out-there designs, but the beatuy of custom work is that you can have the instrument however you want it.
  8. I think some of those guitars are sweet!
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    I agree.

    Thread closed.

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