Pulcinella Level 5: $1000/trade

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  1. This is a GREAT handmade bass -- comfy and light -- and sounds especially superb for slap playing.

    Serial # is 399, which means it was the 3rd 5-string bass Matt Pulcinella built in 1999.


    -Mahogany body, lightly flamed maple top with tobacco burst
    -35" scale maple neck with rosewood or pau ferro board
    -Basslines soapbars with Basslines 3-band EQ and pull slap
    -Ultralight tuners
    -Excellent ergonomics: your back and both hands will love this instrument!

    Comes in original, highly-padded gig bag.

    I'd be interested in any trades you have, as long as you throw in at least $200. . .

    Thanks. . .
  2. Brad Johnson

    Brad Johnson Supporting Member

    Mar 8, 2000
    Gaithersburg, Md
    What kind of trades are you interest in?
  3. I'd be into trades for multi-string basses that have a passive option (I have three all-active multi-string basses, which makes the Pulcinella redundant).

    I'd be especially into a Reverend Brad Houser, or a similar bass with lots of switching options. . .

    In the all-active realm, the only thing I'd want is a Stingray 5. . .

    Oh, and cash coming my way would be VERY good!
  4. . . . I might even be able to throw in a swatch of the lovely pea-green carpet that's in the background of the picture!!!

    Quite an extra treat for some lucky bassist out there. . . .