Punchy P/J pickups?

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  1. Ive asked before, i'll ask again, im looking for some punchy but not too bright sounding pickups for my banger Aria 2Pro bass, I'd prefer they were passive,

    Ive looked at Quarter Pounders and DiMarzio Model P/J's , which of these would be best for heavier punk/hardcore?

    Anyone else have any suggestions?


    - Will
  2. McHack


    Jul 29, 2003
    Central Ohio!
    Punk & Hardcore?

    The may sound crass, but pretty much anything that makes noise will do.
  3. David Wilson

    David Wilson Supporting Member

    Oct 14, 2002
    Lower Westchester, NY
    they're both perfectly good, the DM's have more of a midrange emphasis.
  4. Tis true, but you need some meaty sounding pickups, the ones on that bass are way too thin sounding

    I heard that on here before, thats a good thing, but in a few reviews ive read they've just had a slightly warmer sound?
  5. bannedwit

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    May 9, 2005
    Buffalo, NY
    I am into the same music as you and have thrown Basslines Quarter Pounders into my Fender P-Bass

    Even though the pickups are passive, they are a lot hotter than the stock pickups...

    They have a nice well rounded tone control from full tin sound and clicky to punchy and full Bass

    I dropped the tuning of the P-Bass to C-G-C-F and D-G-C-F and it sounded awesome in those ranges too...

    They are cheap which is nice and has the sound you need
  6. Theres only one thing that really puts me off the Quarter pounders, and that is that thier J pup isnt hum cancelling, hmm, wonder if i should mix and match, i think i'll stick with the DiMarzios

    I might pick up another banger bass earlyish next year, these aria ones go for penuts, and then get a set of the quarter pounders and compare them :)
  7. Arg, i cant make up my mind, which of these pickups growls the most? nothing like the sound of digging in :)
  8. Consider the DiMarzio Will Power Middle (DP146) and the Model J.

    When I recently recorded the Quarter Pounder, DP146, and others, I found the DP146 was by far the hottest pickup except the MFD in my G&L L1500 which blew them all away for high output.

    Both DiMarzio are hum cancelling, which is a big plus. The Model J sounds pretty close to a single coil, even though hum cancelling. I have a pair for my MIM J fretless.
  9. Hmm, have you compaired the Will Power middle to the Model P? (im really interested in that, because Will Power is my cheesy stage name :p )

    It isnt much more expensive, which i like, is the DP146 also passive?
  10. David Wilson

    David Wilson Supporting Member

    Oct 14, 2002
    Lower Westchester, NY
    yes, the dp146 is passive.

    at the end of the day, you have to make your own mind up - all we can do is make recommendations.
  11. Nedmundo

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    Jan 7, 2005
    You could try mixing the Quarter Pounder P pickup with Duncan's Hot Stack noiseless J pickup. That's similar to Fender's approach on the upcoming Frank Bello Signature, which has the Quarter Pounder P mixed with a Samarium Cobalt Noiseless J.

    Personally, I'd go with the Duncans over DiMarzio. I tried the Model P, and yes, it was great for punk and hard rock, with lots of grind and growl, but I think Duncans deliver more warmth along with the punch. I now use a Duncan Hot for P-bass. Also, the DiMarzio is very midrangey, while the Quarter Pounder delivers seriously deep bass and has a more full range sound overall. I'd say it has rounder tones compared to the more cutting DiMarzio. But if cut is your main goal, maybe the DiMarzio set would be your best bet.
  12. I have a bunch of high quality bass tones recorded here:

    Link to Directory of Bass Tones

    The most recent ones are recorded DI into Sonar 4 using a Countryman Type 85 DI. The older ones are direct into a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card.

    The Sonar recordings are VERY clear and detailed. I have the SPB3 QuarterPounder in a MIM-P with broken in Rotosound rounds, and another MIM-P with the DP146 and DA EXL-220 broken in rounds. Note the difference between serial and parallel on the DP146.

    Levels are not representative of each pickup, as each was adjusted to highest gain before digital clipping. The DP146 was louder than the QP, and both of these got their butts kicked by the MFD in my L1500. Now THAT is a hot output pickup.
  13. nysbob


    Sep 14, 2003
    Cincinnati OH
    Barts aren't too bright. I have a PJ set on my favorite fretless jazz special. They really sing.

    I've heard good reports on the Rio Grandes too, but haven't had a chance to try them yet.
  14. Cheers!

    From listening to that, i like the edge the DiMarzio's have to them, think i'll stick with them and get em ordered up soon :)

    Again, Thanks!
  15. Next problem, getting these!

    The only place i found that has the Will Power pickup is music123.com, (altho im waiting on a reply from the UK place listed on the dimarzio site, yes, i went through the whole list of sites), and the problem with music123.com is they only sell the modelJ's as a set, not individually, i spose, if i have to get a set, then i can stick a model J in the neck position of my ATK
  16. I bought the DP146 from Musician's Friend. It was a special order, but they didn't screw it up.

    DiMarzio offers the Model J separately, or as a matched pair, with different order part numbers.

    Don't forget Zzounds and Sweetwater, also Buffalo Bros does G&L pickups, so I imagine they probably do DiMarzio as well.
  17. Im waiting and hoping that the company listed in the UK has em, save some postage

    I think musicians friend have some odd international shipping thing, it might be someone else tho, if i cant get them from the place in the UK and music123.com reply saying they wont sell the bridge J seperatly, then i'll give musicians friend a shot
  18. Well, everywheres coming back saying the model J only comes in a set or with a model P, bastards!
  19. Beefbass

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    Feb 4, 2001
    Try Brian at www.bestbassgear.com

    I'm sure he could hook you up with a Model P, and an Ultrajazz bridge picup if you wanted that. Or, maybe something else :hyper:
  20. im going with the DiMarzio Will Power Middle (P) and a Model J if i can, if not, i think i might just go with a Model P/J setup

    Was really hoping to get this stuff in the UK, but, it'll give bestbassgear a shot :)