Punk is 25 years old!

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    Something I read in the Guardian today :

    "At the risk of depressing older readers, last week marked the 25th anniversary of the release of New Rose by The Damned, the first British punk single.
    Yes, a quarter of a century has passed since spiky hair, anarchy, the pogo, chaos, straight-legged jeans, ripped T-shirts, safety pins and amphetamine-fuelled, three-chord guitar pop winged their way into an outraged British consciousness. Which means it is 23 years since I bought my first punk record - well, a Blondie 45 - under the impression that the revolution had started and everything was going to be different.

    Sadly, I was correct: Thatcher was elected in 1979 and the revenge of Little England began in earnest. So much for youthful fervour and the widely held belief that the young punks would soon burn themselves out. All these years later, The Damned (with Dave Vanian and Captain Sensible remaining from the original quartet that featured Brian James and Rat Scabies) are still touring and recording, and communicating with fans at www.officialdamned.com. "

    I bought that record ! Before that "Punk" was something vague, but afterwards Punk came to mean something definite as a musical term - a two fingers up to the (musical) establishment, an attitude of anybody can get up and play - we don't need vast amounts of gear and stadium shows, just make it fast and to the point!

    Strange, that now it is older than some other musical movements like "Smooth" or Acid Jazz. Punk is Old!! ;)