Punk kid practical joke stories.

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    How many of you like to play practical jokes on your friends with your instruments? I love to and can think of several over my long lackluster career I have played on people.

    The first when when I was a young trumpet player, probably about 10-11 years old. My father had been in the service and had gotten up to Revile very morning for two years, you probably already guess the story but here goes anyway: I got it into my head that it would be funny if I went into my parents bedroom at 7 am on a Sunday morning and played Revile for my parents, I thought they would appreciate the humor and think it was as funny as I did (well not really). So I went in with my trumpet stood at the foot of their bed and got one little note out when of course my father woke up, his face got beet red, and sat straight up in bed, and he started screaming louder than my trumpet. My mother who was hard of hearing and slept without her hearing aid on only woke up when my father started to yell and asked what's the matter, which usually seems to be the funnier part of the story when I tell it.
    My second story I've told here before so if you've read it before please bear with me: Years ago a buddy of mine had a bit too much to drink one night after a gig and crashed on my couch. I happened to have my SVT all set up in the living room (you can do that when you are single). So of course when I saw my opportunity I jumped at it. I turned it on waited for it to warm up, turned the standby switch on across the room so the bump wouldn't wake him up, plugged my bass in and rolled it across the room right next to his head and turned the volume up on my P bass and damn(!) the hiss woke him up before I could blast him. He woke up with a start with a real puzzled look on his face then looked at me and the bass and amp and said Ohh, you [email protected]@stard! haha! The look was worth it.
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    I was involved in a weekly jam session with a bunch of guys several years ago. One of the guitar players that used to show up was a whiner/crybaby type that used to grind my nerves to no end. So of course I felt it prudent to torment him to the point of insanity. His amp was set up next to mine--one night when he ducked outside for a smoke, I ran a delay pedal through his effects loop on the back of his amp, and set the pedal over by my amp. Every time it was his turn to take a solo, I'd activate the pedal. Since I had the controls all set at "11", you can imagine what it sounded like. It was a good hour before he figured out what was going on, and by that point he was in tears.
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    We played in a place about 150 miles from home and when we finished one of the guitar players hurried to pack up and leave, leaving his Les Paul. We found it and packed it up but didn't say anything about it to the club owners, then we took off. Next day the guy discovers his guitar is not in his car and calls the club. Nope we have not seen it. He starts getting worried and calls me looking for it. Sorry, didn't see it. Long story short we kept it for about a week before we told him we had it.
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