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    Jun 7, 2003
    hey im looking for all the punk bass players out there..what strings should i get next if i want a nice punky tone but i can get a decent rock sound to?:bassist:
  2. i use Ernie Ball superslinky's or extraslinky's. a friend of mine just got some powerslinky's, they have a nice feel and great tone to them if u want more of a deeper tone to the punk style.
  3. Duh, the cheapest strings possible. Because we know that punk bassists don't wanna spend money on there equipment, and rather by booze and dope.
  4. :rolleyes:

    I agree with Ernie Balls, they're very bright and would probably work well for punk, particularly if you use a pick. They were too bright for my taste, but I don't play punk. Give them a shot...why not, they're cheap. ;)

  5. so u think all us punk rockers do is by booze and dope, so we have to use cheap strings. well for being just outta highskool and lack of work, then cheap is great and so r Ernie Ball for the price and quality of the strings.
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    Mar 20, 2001
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    I use 45-105 prisms. While Slinkys are nice, I don't think they have the punch or ping of the prisms. The only thing IMO that comes close is the swing 66's, which have a bit less ping but more growl.

    I just suggest staying away from strings like Boomers. They might last a while, but IMO they don't have any definite tone for the time they last.


    Nov 29, 2002
    Arvada, Colorado
    First let me state: Im not a punk bassist, Im not really a fan of any kind of punk BUT I do know the answer for this.

    Any set of roundwound strings will do just fine, There isn't a set type of instrument for each genre of music, you can play punk with a Fodera if you wanted to, its all about the technique you use and what your Eq's are set on. If you want punk sound, I recommend you use any set of Roundwound strings you want, a pick, and turn up the mid and treble on your amp/bass for a grungier, more trebly punk tone.