PuP suggestions: classic P sound from a 6er

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  1. Hi guys...

    Advice and wisdom sought, please, for a PuP for a new build.

    I'm trying to acheive the classic, passive Precision sound from a fretless 6 string. I'm stumbling, though, because I can't find the correct PuP for the job because:-

    a) I can't find a 3 + 3 design as a stock unit.

    b) I have no idea which (if any) soapbar is close enough to the Precision sound for me to use.

    I know EMG do a 6 string version of their Precision PuP (that actually fits into the regular 4 string body routing!) but I doubt the sound would be close to a passive P sound.

    The field is wide open, here, and I'll consider any option that gets me where I want to be.

    Thoughts, as always, warmly appreciated.


  2. Stealth


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    a) probably doesn't exist as a stock unit - but I'm willing to bet winders like Carey Nordstrand would be willing to create one for you as well (Nordstrand's done it before).

    b) any soapbar with a wide enough aperture (meaning, the same width when measuring along the length of the string) should be a good enough approximation, just make sure the soapbars are a matched set (regarding winding direction and polarity).
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    If you have no restrictions over the looks of the pickups, then there are choices around. I am not aware of Classic P shape for 6 str. But if a soapbar will do then Villex pickup (P coil arrangement in a soap bar casing) may be a great choice. IMHO a fretless would greatly benefit from Villex tonal character (if full, balance organic tone is what you are after).

  5. Guys...

    Thanks, I already tried Bill Villex. Sounds like his products are really good but, unfortunately, so are the prices! :bawl: With the cost of 2 soapbars, carriage, taxes etc in UK there'd not be a lot of change out of £300. I can't run to that expense. :bawl: :bawl: A very similar situation with Nords, too, I'm affraid.

    So it seems my options may be limited to the soapbar. Of easily obtainable, 'named' units, at reasonable prices, on a 1 1/2" x 4 1/2" footprint there are:-

    Seymor Duncan ASB-6 active Phase I
    Seymor Duncan ASB2-6 active Phase II
    EMG 45P active
    EMG 45HZ passive
    Bartolini M5
    Outsiders in the running might be something from Wilkinson.

    Of those, which is likely to give me that full, organic tone?