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  1. Wanna put active pups and preamp/EQ in my Warlock and a preamp in another bass. I was curious on a few things with battery placement(yes, I did my diligent search). How do I install a battery(18v) if the only place I can put it is in the control area(I checked, and I do have plenty of room). And if anyone else has done that, how did they go about it. For the other bass, it has passive pups, so is having 18v for just a preamp/EQ overkill, and just need 9v, or does it still yield the same amount of head room? Thank you, TB.
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    Mar 4, 2011
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    cut a piece of foam to fit the cavity and cover the pots etc. stuff the batteries against the foam and the control cover side so they don't move around. dont over think it, it doesnt have to be pretty, just functional.
  3. Cool. Thanks.
  4. Anyone's thoughts on a 9/18v pre with passives?