purpleheart or phenolic for multistring fretless bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by bassiclybass, Mar 6, 2003.

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    Mar 1, 2003
    Aloha, thinking about a 7 string but i'm wonderin about fretboard material;what's the difference in tone and durability( using roundwounds)between purpleheart and phenolic.i know everything else matters too like body woods,pups,playing style,rig,etc.My favorite Bass is a 76 MM stingray w/a Moses Graphite fretless neck,Basslines pups and preamp.Iknow its a bolt-on,and im looking to buy or build a 7 string neck-thru..what i like about the MM is i can make it mwah,cry,sing,or spit fire...i can get a great slap tone also w/a pull of a knob(real versatile)im wondering if its possible to get a great slap tone from a 7/neckthru,and what type of woods you would suggest to be able to make all those things happen.i know there are some great mult-str. players out there and i would love to hear from all of you!! please include the bass youre playing now,what type of woods/electronics,what you like about the combo,what youve owned in the past and how long youve been playing!! p.s. looking for a used conklin 7 or warrior 6 fretless!!! thank you for your time!!!!!!:bassist:
  2. Purpleheart: Very good wood for fretless basses. Even better as neck laminates. I prefer Ebony cause of that nice "growl" the Ebony has, but Purpleheart is good. I believe Pete McFerrin has a fretless with a purpleheart board.

    Phenolic: INCREDIBLY STRONG; won't be damaged by roundwounds anytime soon. (I somewhat prefer flats on a fretless anyways) Has a brighter and snappier tone than purpleheart, but doesn't have nearly as much of that nice natural sound that a lot of fretless players look for.

    Call me old-fashioned, but I don't want any graphite fingerboard in a fretless. Maybe if it is a fretted bass that I would use for metal, like the Modulus Q5, but not a fretless.