Put Limiter Enhancer before or after octave&envelope filter

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  1. I previously had my envelope filter going before my limiter enhancer LMB-3. I found that it helped to control the large peaks of the filter and it also fattened up the sound and added presence. Now I got the EHX Octave Multiplexer which I want going before the envelope filter but I've heard it's best that compressors go before octaves.

    So should I change the position of the LMB-3 to go before the octave?

    Also, I've tried to use the Boss SYB-5's super fuzzy synth sounds as a fuzz effect to go with the BassBalls envelop filter, then the LMB-3 would help fatten up the sound. After a bit of tweaking, I found some pretty smooth synthy sounds combining those effects.

    Do you think I should change the order of any other pedals in my effects chain?

    Current order:
    EHX Octave Multiplexer
    Boss SYB-5 w/ exp pedal (I'm just experimenting with this one. I haven't used it in a band setting yet)
    EHX BassBalls
    Boss LMB-3

    Suggested order:
    Octave Multiplexer
    Boss SYB-5
    EHX BassBalls
  2. Rib 13

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    Jun 20, 2006
    Putting a limiter first or in the middle is only going to work for those effects you put before it....if you put it before the Bassballs (which is a gain-stage effect), you may get unwanted spikes or transients

    Its always a safe-bet to put a Limiter last, but lets let others chime in before taking my advice
  3. swafran


    Nov 6, 2008
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    Most people would agree with you, and put the comp before the octaver. If you put it after, then the added octave now also triggers the compression, so you're likely to compress everything, your signal always coming in above the threshold, and your clean, dry signal getting squashed down too much because of that loud bassy octave below it. And there's no advantage to putting it after the octaver: you're not trying to even out the output of the octaver.

    In general comp is nice very early in the chain, after fuzz which is really cool in front of a comp, but before anything else.

    There's a nice review of your comp here: Boss LMB-3

    The same site has a ton of accurate info on compression from the viewpoint of a bass player.
  4. sprag


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    Different pedals but of those effects my chain is octave synth filter comp. I have od in front of the octave to boost the signal and improve tracking. Also a fuzz before the filter then chorus etc after. What's the reasoning behind comp in front of octave that you refer to? If it is to improve tracking and you currently have no issue with tracking then I wouldn't bother.
  5. Teijo K.

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    I depends. If you want to use it as a limiter, towards the end of the chain. If you want to use it as a compressor, in the beginning of the chain. If you want both, you need two units.
  6. Using a compressor/limiter before your Octave Multiplexer might help it track better, but from my experience (I've been using that pedal for over 10 years), it doesn't make much of a difference. Using the limiter before the Bassballs will reduce it's responsiveness to your playing and you don't want that. And, the Octave tracks better before the Bassballs, and the compressor will reduce unwanted volume spikes when after the Bassballs.

    I always use my compressor after these pedals, and I own both.
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  7. Bassmike62

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    I always went for limiter after octave and filter, for spikes/transients management.
  8. ilansgroove


    Jan 24, 2012
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    No such thing as "the best way"

    You need to test and compair and eventually decide which combination sounds best to you ...

    That it at least my opinion ;)
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  9. SteveCS


    Nov 19, 2014
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    No rules, but a little logical thought can go a long way...

    Compressors change the envelope, right?
    Octaves often work better with steady input levels for improved tracking, so comp as limiter first might make sense.
    Envelope filters follow the envelope, so comp first will change the EF response. Let your ears decide which you prefer. However, EF can also create wild transients, so a limiter after might be useful if that becomes a problem. Maybe a second comp is required?
  10. I actually use my compressor just before the amp, after everything (it's a 1/3 of a rack thingy so it doesn't fit on the pedalboard anyways). And everything includes modulation, drive, enveloppe and octave. And it sounds just fine! :)
  11. Ok then, I guess I set it up all right the first time.
    Thanks for your help guys
  12. swafran


    Nov 6, 2008
    Paris, France
    hmmm... unless you're limiting, try it the other way too
  13. I find that the LMB-3 (at end of chain) makes the quiet, low bassy sounds from my effects louder and richer while still reducing the occasional large peaks.

    I may consider adding another compressor to go in front of the chain.
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  14. My LMB-3 stays at the end of the chain, acting as a limiter.

    I don't like it as a comp/at the front, probably because I have other comps I throw on the front of the chain when necessary or when I feel like it.