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Put some new Fender Noiseless pickups on my MIA Jazz upgrade

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by LoveThatBass, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. I just got some of the new Fender Vintage Noiseless pickups for my MIA Jazz bass with S-1 Switch.
    I was not expecting anything but maybe a quieter pickup. What I got was nothing short of amazing sound. Absolutely deadpan quiet, very rich, fat tone with excellent mids and smooth highs. They made the stock pickups sound cheezy by comparison. When in standard Parallel mode I get the Jazz sound but richer, fatter, louder, cleaner with better mids and smooth highs. I decided to try Serial pickup mode and was totally blown away. The Attack and Punch (no boominess) and low end was absolutely incredible for a passive bass. It sounded more expensive than it did and better than the Active MIM Zone bass I once had. The lows were well defined and earth shaking and from a passive setup.
    I am in total "Tone Heaven".
    I suggest this pickup for anyone with the newer MIM standard or MIA passive models (neck slightly smaller than bridge pickup). I had to lower the pickups due to the heavy magnetic pull affecting intonation of the strings.
    These pickups are the Vintage Noiseless. They have the Gold "Noiseless" emblem on the bottom R/H side.
    Gordeous tone!
    :hyper: :bassist:

    Guitarstop and Allparts.com have them among others
  2. Electrical Spec.'s:
    12K D.C. Resistance
    4.5 Henrys Inductively
    = Hot and relatively clean

    Gary :bassist:
  3. marc40a


    Mar 20, 2002
    Boston MA

    All those links seem to be to the older 'noiseless' sets. Do the new sets say Samarium Cobalt on them to differentiate?
  4. Sounds like just the ticket for me.........

    Also, great reveiw could you shed a liitle more light on the rest of your setup, strings and what tone you go for?

    Many thanks
  5. I am using GHS Boomers .045-.105's
    SWR 350x with Technics dual 7 band eq
    Avatar B115H cab with Foster horn and custom built 4th order Linkwitz-Riley crossover. The speaker is a 15" Eminence Kappa Pro LF.
    With stock pickups the setup sounded ok but somewhat boxy.
    With these pickups I did a test. I lowered them as low as they would go and they sounded similar but better than the Stocks. I then raised them to Fender Spec.'s and they burst forth with spacial tone. Big deep low piano like tone, gordeous mids and very smooth highs. When I put the S-1 switch in Series pickup mode it sounded more P bassish than it did. I suspect higher output in the low and mids area. The highs are not dark...just smoother. Before, with the stock pickups I could sit in front of my computers monitor and it was Hum out the wassoo. Now...very quiet. These pickups made my bass sound much more expensive.
    Hope this helps,
  6. kmcanney


    Mar 11, 2005
    I just picked up a set from a local dealer, and I haven't gotten them home yet, but the leads seem really short:
    the bridge pickup lead is just a little over 4 inches long (neck is longer).

    Is this normal? I'm just wondering if I bought a set that had been installed and clipped out.

    My box didn't have the brass grounding plates, either. Were these included with anyone else's Vintage Noiseless J pickups?

  7. "Is this normal? I'm just wondering if I bought a set that had been installed and clipped out."

    You can tell if they have been used by looking at the end. It will have 1/2" of insulation sitting on the end of the wire that can be just pulled off. If the wire is clipped or just stripped with no insulation piece covering it then it is likely to have been used before.

    All that is included is the 2 pickups and a small bag with 8 new screws and some paperwork. It should be in a plastic box that is inserted into a cardboard container with a window in it
    There should be a black piece of foam with cutouts to hold both pickups in the plastic box.
    On my MIA Jazz the bridge pickup cavity has a ground wire going to a screw then the black wire of the pickup connects to that. There are no plates needed. These are totally noiseless. I suspect the bridge pickup you got that has the short leads was probably due to someone had connected its ground to the ground screw by cutting it shorter then when they decided to return them they cut the other to the same length so the store personnel would not notice. I could be wrong though.
    Hope this helps you,
  8. kmcanney


    Mar 11, 2005
    Bingo--wires clipped, and there's no paperwork in the box.

    I got an okay price on these, but not for a used set of pickups. I'll be marching them right back to the shop tomorrow and ordering a new set online. I just don't want to have to solder new lead wires on what should've been a new set of pickups.

    So on your MIA bass, is there no ground running to the bridge? This is my first bass--I'm assembling it from parts--and I was thinking I'd end up running an old-school brass grounding strap from the bridge to the grounding plates, but if they aren't used with the Noiseless pickups, maybe I'll take another route.

    Thanks for your help!
  9. Yes, there is a ground running to the bridge but through a separate hole.

    The bridge pickup cavity has the ground running to a lug that is screwed to the bottom of the cavity but the funny thing is, they put conductive coating in the control and neck p/u cavity but not the bridge cavity where the ground is screwed in. It is just the same clear coating as the rest of the guitar. I thought this to be a mistake on just my guitar so I took it back to GC and they got me another one. It is the same on this one...go figure.
    I have found it is best to connect the pickups in exactly the same places as original or you can get some hum. i.e. cut the ground wire to the bridge pickup and solder it to the lug that is screwed to the bottom of the cavity.
  10. As a side note: I took my bass to guitar center to see how it sounded on a different rig. Here is what I found.

    Controls set to mid position on the EQ.:
    1 x 15" with horn sounded about like mine (Full and rich)
    4 x 10" with horn sounded more tinney (but I suspect more gain on the bass and mid would help that out.)

    I was in a hurry to get home for dinner.

    Hope this helps,
  11. kmcanney


    Mar 11, 2005

    Thanks for the info. My pickups were definitely installed and cut out, but the shop was very cool and ordered a new set of Noiseless Jazzes for me, so I should be able to install soon.

    One more question--the Noiseless bridge pickup was wider than my existing bridge pickup cavity (standard routing; wider than the neck pickup). Did you have to extend the wings of your bridge pickup cavity at all, or did your Vintage Noiseless drop right in?
  12. They dropped right in on my MIA Fender Jazz. These were exactly the same size as the MIA Stock. The MIA uses the smaller neck/larger bridge pickup as with (I am told) newer MIM standard Jazzes. I take it your bass uses same size in both neck and bridge, correct?

    By the way, I have found the Elixer Nanoweb .050-.105's to be very sweet sounding with this pickup. Did not like them for the stock pickup as they sounded a bit flat and dull to me.