putting 4 string P-bass pu's in a 5 string

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    I have seen in the past, lower cost 5 strings with the equivalent of a 4 string P-J bass setup and the pickups looked nothing more like a 4 string set. I am building a bass and pondered on this: is it possible to space the P-bass pickups far enough apart, to work on a 5 string bass. The kind of 4 string "P" pu's i am talking about have no exposed pole pieces. thanks. my spacing will be 2 3/4 at the bridge.
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    if your P-style p/u utilizes a blade design (vs pole pieces), and those blades extend side to side far enough, you should have no glaring issue.

    I have previously utilized a blade style 4-string J p/u in a 5-string bass with reasonable results. I thought it lacked on the B, but this was due to the B being right at the edge of where the p/u was picking it up. Still, it worked on the cheap which is what I was looking ofr at the time

    note that "blade style" may not be the most correct terminology for this manufacturing style

    of course you could always obtain a 5-string P-style p/u and eliminate any potential issues

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