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  1. My Fender Jazz has dot inlays, but I'd love block inlays (a la late 60s early 70s). Can this be done? And would it affect my sound in any way (especially negatively)? Thanks.
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    There used to be a website that offered ultra thin simulated block inlays. I think you just stuck the on the fretboard. I believe they had "inlays" that simulated abalone, MOP and your ordinary black blocks. I tried to locate that site the other day after reading the thread about the Fender Geddy Lee jazz. I love the look of that bass and I have a black Essex jazz with a maple neck that I would like to add simulated black block inlays onto. i would have the GL vibe going then. OOOOOOOOOOO....................

    o 'scuse me.

    Anybody else ever see that site or could direct me and jenderfazz in the right direction?
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    John DiMaggio of Bass Alone in San Diego could do it.
  4. Ah, but at what price? Haha, that sounded weird. Anyways, all the way in San Diego? That's about the furthest place from here on the continental US. I'd pay a LOT for shipping, I'd assume. Do you know how much he'd charge to put the inlays?
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    The bound, blocked replacement jazz necks from Warmoth are probably going to be the cheapest way.

    Custom inlays on an existing neck means pulling frets, a lot of labor and a refret. Their necks are done by machine, and are very nice, and are probably your best option for $250.00.
  6. Any other suggestions?
  7. Black perm. marker :confused:
  8. Black electrical tape? Cut it out into little rectanges and stick them on? You could do something similar for binding, stick on a long thin strip then with a scapel trim round the frets.

    Has anybody seen a dark fingerboard with light block inlays? I'm thinking it may not look that bad, possibly? I reckon maybe ebony with the really red wood (Bloodwood?) may look cool, or maybe some purpleheart.

    I must say I love block inlays and nice binding.

    Josh D
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  10. Ahh, thanks DP. I'll check it out, it sounds like a good idea.
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    I've seen those stick on inlays in person. They didn't thrill me, but I know that some people like them.