Putting Flats on my new bass just BLEW MY MIND ! Thank you TB

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  1. Well... I've been playing bass for just on 20 years now, and I remember the very first bass I borrowed, to have a go on (before going out and buying my own, first, 2nd hand bass later that night in a fit of excitement and not wanting to be without one ever again... ha ha...) had flats on it... but ever since that very first borrowed bass, I'm almost embarrased to say, all my electric basses have had roundwounds on them. My preffered playing style and tone for the most part is aggresive near the bridge, but also also play with a pick, slap, and all around the place with my right hand... it just never occured to me to try flats, ever...
    Only after reading posts here (I joined recently ;) about the excitement over flats and other string types did I think, oh, maybe I should try something different after all these years :meh:
    So I ordered a set of GHS Precision 45-105 for my new fun bass (Squier CV 50's P Bass with '51 fender re-issue pup) and it has BLOWN MY MIND ! I absolutely love them ! :hyper:
    The first two days were a bit weird, the tone was amazing but the strings felt so strange and I really had to play for quite a few hours before I adjusted to them, but after a solid week of mucking about, I can't put this bass down... so much fun to play it's crazy.
    Just wanted to share my new found joy in Flats and thank everyone here for giving me so much food for thought... discovering TalkBass has really re-ignighted my passion for bass and playing gigs, I have even bought new basses and gear after ten years of not changing a thing... it's great ! :D
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    Apr 6, 2008
    Now all you need is a tortoise shell pickguard and you'll slip right in along with the herd ha ha...
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    Yes sir the world is defiantly flat welcome.
  4. ha ha... nice. thank you :)

    I'm actually a bit shocked because for years I've been dissapointented that I couldn't nail tones of many of my bass hero's, and I am now convinced that many of them must have been using flats... again, I'm a little embarrassed, as I'm sure it was obvious for many people... doh !:bag:

    the upside is that I have a few basses to try other flats out on and just enjoy from here on in with both kinds flats and rounds... maybe even a half wound ?!?!?
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    Aug 25, 2010
    The Great Midwest
    It's funny because I'm really discovering rounds again when I first started I hated the finger noise but many years late I put some rounds on one of my basses and love that bite you can't get with flats I would also recommend labella Quarter Rounds great strings.
  6. He also needs either a Thunderfunk or Ampeg. Possibly a B3K. You have to go fingerstyle as close to the bridge as humanly possible. Say things like "piano tone". Form a few clubs based on your choices in gear as well. Mention Jaco all the time and how you think Flea is overrated.
  7. has the world just gone topsie-turvey ? ha ha...

    thanks, will add to the wish list ;)
  8. :D LMAO... brilliant...
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    Don't forget re-capping every and any piece of electronic equipment you ever received for absolutely no apparent reason.
  10. Yeah strings can make a bigger difference than a $1000 amp.

    I have had flats on my main players for years now but find that I prefer rounds on short scales. I should try Quater/ground/compression one day. hmmm.
  11. The flats seem to suit the SCPB pickup beautifully... I'm in love.
    Years ago I studied upright for a year, but just never thought how cool flats could feel and sound, very excited to gig with them,
  12. gary m

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    GHS P-flats are the real deal, and they rock a Fender or Fender clone like nothing else ever will. Enjoy the epiphany ...everyone else will catch up eventually. :cool:
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    Now that ain't nothin but the truth! Bingo!
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    String choice certainly makes more of a difference than body wood.
  15. Richard Sabines

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    Sep 25, 2007
    I have the impression tha someday the GHS's precision flats will become more popular than chromes. I have both and I prefer the GHS's, really an incredible tone..
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    Welcome Pimmsley. If you really want to swim along with the old TalkBass whales, you have to get rid of that pick and go fretless. L:DL
  17. Thanks :D
    well... just so happens I do play fretless and have a '82 Vantage VS600B (Japan) that I popped a Bartolini pup in knocking about, that's begging for some new strings... so I think it will indeed get a set of GHS P Flats :hyper:

    I played with a pick in the early 90's grunge scene about 50%, but since about 94 it's been fingers all the way... the pick comes out in some recording situations... but I must say, a dunlop .88 on those GHS P flats sounds fantastic too... such a round big thud that reminds me of so many 60's recordings that I love... this flat world is awesome...
  18. i'm a recent flat convert myself (fender light gauge flats).
    and i'm amazed everytime i play. no matter what situation they ALWAYS sound nice. warm and with an amazing mid range. and i'm playing a squier bass you see. flats are the best thing. thanks to TB alright.
  19. it's such a cool knowledge bass :D :scowl:

    the Fender Flats were my second choice if I couldn't get the GHS's as they got a good rap here too... also, I love my Squier CV 50's P, it's just so much fun to play with those flats on... the thump is insane... great great stuff...
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    Jun 7, 2005
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    If you're a flat lover you should tray Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Flats, (if you haven't already). They have wonderful tone and the playability is terrific.