PV TL-Six 6-string for sale

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  1. formula428


    Dec 22, 2004
    NE Ohio
    1993 TL-Six by Peavey. I believe they sold for $2400 (out the door). List around $3000? I bought the guitar for $1200. Asking $1200 obo. I have never personally put a scratch on it. In the exact same shape as when I bought it used off a friend. Sounds great. Solid maple body, the '91 version featured ebony fretboard, but I believe mine is the Pau Ferreo fretboard. Gold plated hardware. 9V active. Never left in a car. Never kept in a basement. No extreme heat exposure. I babied it. The best 6-string Peavey ever made. All other specs can be found at: http://www.peavey.com/media/pdf/manuals/80301508.pdf

    If you read my profile, you'd understand why I'm selling this. I just have too much stuff. Been playing bass since I was 7, and it just all collected over time. Plus, I don't ever use the 1st and 6th string, not for a rock band.

    The guitar is in MINT shape. There is only 1 minor flaw in it (visually). Original hardshell case included. Original strap-locks included too.
    If interested, e-mail me. formula428@zoominternet.net I'll try to get a pic of this guitar (i don't have a digital camera).