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  1. I friend of mine (a bass player of course !!!!); gave me an un used set of PYRAMID ULTRAFLEX, He told me he had this set for almost 10 years !!!. I´m not familiar with these strings ??? How do they sound ??? Dark ??? metalic ??? Bright ??? ...

    I have spirocore... I´m going to change them tomorrow...


  2. moped10


    Apr 9, 2003
    According to a post I saw on, the strings you have are probably pyramid nylon cores, and didn't seem very popular- Kind-of like substandard Supernils...
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    moped10: I realize we are 12 years on from your post but in this case....better late than never.

    Pyramid Ultraflex strings are NOT nylon. They are nickel flat wire wound on a cabled steel core!!!!!
    It's too bad this kind of mis-information gets posted on here.

    I used Pyramid Soloflex (woven steel core) many years ago....and found them to be one of the best pizz strings I have ever used.