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Qns That Need To Be Answered...

Discussion in 'Ask Rufus Philpot' started by dumbassist, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. dumbassist


    Sep 5, 2005
    Hey Rufus,

    I Got Some Qns and I Need Some Advice...:(
    First of all...
    Whats a Preamp?? I Think They Are The Things that Connects the Pickups to the Knobs Right??
    They Come In 3 Band and 2 Bands...
    Why are Some 2 bands More Expensive Than The Other...
    like for example, This...
    I am Just looking For a Preamp for The Volume and Tone...
    What The Hell are treble and Bass Pots??
    If they are there then How Are we Going to Adjust the Sound??!! Or Tone???
    Is It the Aguilar OBP1 Preamp that is The Volume and Tone Knob??

    and What are these?

    Volume Pot (250K)
    Blend Pot (250K)
    EQ Pot (50K)

    Stacked EQ Pot (50K w/center detente)

    PushPull EQ Pot (50K w/center detente)

    DPDT (2 Way) Switch

    DPDT (2 Way) Switch

    Stereo Output Jack

    What are those above??

    Shud i Get a Cheap SX P-Bass and Mod it or Should i Get a Fender Made in Japan Standard P-Bass And Mod it??

    How Does The SX compare to the MIJ Fender P-Bass??

    Im Not Willing To Spend Much Since im a Novice but i want to Know The Quality of The SX P-Bass as Compared to Fender...

    Or MayB i Shud Just Buy a MIJ Fender As It Is...No Mod Needed...
    Or Shud I Buy an SX and Mod it??
    Or Shud I get One Of them and Mod it??

    Ive Been Gassing for a White P-Bass With a Black PickGuard Btw...:D

    This Will Be My First Bass...I got No Gear Currently....

    I Live In S'pore Currently, So The Price Of Fenders are ard SGD890 and Up..I Can't Afford The Shipping Frm The US FRm Sites Like Music123...

    This is the Place im Planning to get teh MIJ Fender

    I Know this are Dumb Qns Buit they Really Need To Be AnsWered!!

  2. dumbassist


    Sep 5, 2005
    BAH FORGET IT!!!!!
  3. Is an "Ask a Pro!" forum really an appropriate forum to ask a metric ton (24!) of tech questions that are best asked in the forums suited for them? In your case, it would seem to be "Basses" and "Pickups & Electronics".

    Rufus, while an amazing bassist, isn't a tech, and I doubt he has the answers you're looking for. The pros who generously give us their time are here for the experiences that they've had and can share with us - this doesn't seem to be the case in this situation. Neither does your rude "BAH FORGET IT!!!!!" comment when not getting a reply. :scowl:

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