SOLD QSC KW181 sub

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    QSC KW181 powered sub w/QSC pole & locking power cord
    - includes OEM cover (was separate purchase)

    Purchased, new from Sweetwater, in October 2018... remainder of 6yr warranty is transferrable- buyer just needs to re-register items with QSC.

    Because of high shipping cost- local sale only... I’m willing to drive a bit to accommodate a sale (I am in the Greater Baltimore, MD area)

    Sub cover:

    $1,050.00 for sub, cover, pole & power cord.

    2450E42B-763E-45B8-9619-20BB77DFE2B0.jpeg 87E9F86E-2B2E-46E7-8D65-A3B6E481A77A.jpeg 23C0ECC8-CB92-4968-9E5B-ABA7DBB09E3A.jpeg 9A0E942C-129E-4CB7-A51E-6FC8F932AB81.jpeg
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    staurosjohn My (Adopted) Daughter Supporting Member

    SOLD- locally- thru CL... yay!
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