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SOLD QSC PLX 1804 Power Amp 1800 Watts (900 per ch @ 4 ohms) Lightweight! 13 lbs! USA!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by bassdrummer, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. For sale; no trades. Price Drop: Now only $350...yes, THREE FIFTY... shipped, CONUS, Paypal or money order are both acceptable. Works perfectly. Has some minor scratches. Looks good; see pics. Only 13 lbs! Very powerful: 900 watts per channel @ 4 ohms or 600 watts per channel @ 8 ohms. Made in the USA! Note that this amp does not operate at 2 ohms, and does not operate in bridged mono. I've used it sparingly in the last few years. I'm the second owner. Never had any problems with it as either a bass rig power amp or for running a PA system. Hate to sell -- but need to sell. Going for as much as $849 new, so this is a very sweet deal! It's all packed up -- very securely -- and ready to ship!
















    Thanks for looking! :bassist: :D

  2. Friday bump!
  3. Final Price Drop: Now only $350 shipped CONUS. Saturday and Sunday only. Will delete ad and post on Ebay on Monday if it doesn't sell here. :hyper: Although you can't run it in bridged mono, you can use both power amps simultaneously for amplifying a single signal. All you do is connect a short quarter inch patch cable from channel one to channel two. The quarter inch input jacks are wired in parallel so they work as input or "through" jacks. Of course, just using one channel will already give you 600 watts for one 8 ohm cab or 900 watts for two 8 ohm cabs (or a single 4 ohm cab.) That's a whole lotta power! Great for a power hungry Acme cab. I used to use this power amp with a Sansamp RBI and two 8 ohm Acme Low B2 II (2x10) cabs. Thunderous! One channel provided a total of 900 watts to power both Acme's (450 watts per cab.) Or, you could use Channel One to feed 600 watts to one 8 ohm cab and Channel Two to feed another 600 watts to the other 8 ohm cab! Use one channel for a wedge style "monitor" cab facing you, and the other channel for "main" cabs facing the audience. Very versatile. Works great for a PA system: one channel feeds two monitors and the other channel feeds two main speakers. Or use a crossover and send the lows to one channel to feed one or two subwoofers while the other sends the mids and highs to two mains! I'd better stop typing before I am overcome with seller's remorse and beg my wife to let me keep it...:bawl:
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  5. Sold! $350 shipped. :hyper:
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