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QSC PLX2 2502 Power Amp

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by Biker4Him, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. This has been my favorite lightweight power amp. At 21lbs.. it's super light..super punch.. super loud. I'm only selling because I'm broke, and have not used it since I went back to an all in one head.

    I did rack this amp for a while.. but it's hard to tell it.. the rack ears are clean (not bent.. all the paint still there, etc.).. I glanced at it, and couldn't even see a scuff on the top or bottom from the rack case... it's clean..!!!

    Shipped in original box.. with all the goodies.

    $899.00 new at the large online retailers...

    $675.00 shipped in the 48 states... but will ship anywhere with increased shipping fees.

    ask about a cash discount!!!:D

    I'll try to get some pics

    Stereo: 1250W/ch @ 2 ohms, 750W/ch @ 4 ohms, 450W/ch @ 8 ohms
    Bridged mono mode: 2500W @ 4 ohms, 1500W @ 8 ohms

    QSC PLX2502 Lightweight Professional Power Amplifier Features:

    Stereo: 1250W/ch @ 2 ohms, 750W/ch @ 4 ohms, 450W/ch @ 8 ohms
    Bridged mono mode: 2500W @ 4 ohms, 1500W @ 8 ohms
    Very lightweight (21 lbs.)
    Advanced cooling design with front exhaust
    Power, clip, -10dB, and signal present LEDs
    Front-panel gain controls
    Balanced XLR inputs with TRS connectors
    PowerLight power supply
    Clip limiting
    Thermal limiting
    Speakon NL4 and binding post outputs
    100Hz high-pass and low-pass filters for bi-amping subwoofer and satellite systems without the need for an external crossover
    Switchable/defeatable 33Hz infrasonic filters protect woofers from over-excursion damage
    Switchable/defeatable clip limiters
  2. dcr

    dcr Supporting Member


    Exactly the amp I want and exactly when I have no cash.

    Bump any way!

  3. headroom CITY bump
  4. bump..

    now considering trades. (+/- cash) 5 or 6 string fretted or fretless basses. Sadowsky RV5 or PJ5. Effect pedals, and combo amps also considered.
  5. bump
  6. BTT..

    I was going to keep it.. but now I'm strapped for cash, and this is not getting used anymore. New lower price of $635.00 Cash discount available...
  7. on hold.. pending payment...

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