QSC/Speakon Question???

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  1. Thumpin4


    Nov 6, 2002
    I bought a speakon connector that I have to modify. I have to cut the speaker cable and connect the two wires from the speaker cable to the posts to the speakon connector. Can anybody here tell me what posts that I need to connect them to to make a bridge mono connection like +1 +2? One more thing, what post do I connect the shielded wire to and the wire outside of the shield to? I have PLX1602 power amp.

    Thanks, Jody
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    If that's really a speaker cable, one wouldn't expect any shield. Are you sure there is one?

    For the PLX (and many other amps), connection to 1+ and 2+ is correct for bridge mono. The QSC website has the manual in electronic form, take a look there.
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    A speaker cable should not have a shield. It should have two separate conductors inside a rubber jacket, preferably at least 14 gauge wire, but 12 is better. For bridged mono, the amp end is indeed connected to 1+/2+. The speaker end should be connected to 1+/1-. (Unless the speaker is a sub wired for 2+/2-, in which case you would wire the speaker end accordingly.)

    It sounds like you have a chunk of mic cable. If you use it for speaker cable, three things probably will happen: The wire will melt, your speakers will self-destruct, and your amp will explode.