No longer available QSC TOUCHMIX 30-PRO; (2) QSC Speakers K12.2; (2) GATOR Speaker Bags; (2) MOGAMI Gold MICROPHONE Cabl

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    Oct 13, 2011
    Method of payment PAYPAL

    For sale:

    -(2) FREE 30 feet MOGAMI Gold Microphone Cables
    -(2) FREE Gator Lightweight Speaker Bags

    QSC TOUCHMIX 30 -PRO in Mint Condition
    Never been used.
    -Original Manufacture Boxes.
    -Power Cord Cable
    -QSC TOUCHMIX 30-PRO still with plastic cover on screen.
    Key features include:
    • Large (10-inch) multi-touch touchscreen offers a wealth of on-screen information while also providing confident hands-on control
    • Anti-Feedback and Room Tuning Wizards simplify complex equalization tasks
    • Two real-time analyzers (RTA) provide instantaneous display of channel tonal balance and room response
    • Touch-and-route patch matrix provide easy “multing” and rearrangement of inputs
    • 14 Aux mixes provide ample monitor configuration options
    • Eight sub-groups with 6-band full parametric EQ, variable high- and low-pass filters and limiter may be linked for stereo
    • A gain sharing Automatic Microphone Mixer is available for all 24 mic/line input channels
    • 32-channel direct-to-hard drive record/playback — capture and recall performances without the need for an external computer
    • 32-channel DAW interface with macOS® and Windows® computers allows for bidirectional I/O with popular workstation software
    • MP3 playback direct from USB
    • Download future upgrades directly from the Internet

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    Nice ‘stuff’! I’m all QSC for PA... fantastic quality & sound!!
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    Nov 20, 2008
    Nice setup!
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    Still available?


    Oct 13, 2011

    Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, items are still available.
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