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Quality Bass for under $400

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by SantasCabanaBoy, Jan 28, 2001.

  1. SantasCabanaBoy


    Jan 15, 2001
    hello, I own a quality bass (Ric 4003) and and I have a really junky precision bass which i practice wiht. My practice bass i really falling apart and now I am looking to replace it with a 4-string for under $400. Any suggestions?
    I am looking for somthing original besides a fender, and I dont like Ibanez. Any opinions of B.C. Rich, Epiphone, and Danelectro would be apprecitated. Thank you.
  2. If you want a new bass I have only one suggestion:

    Godin SD

    it's right around the $400 mark (depending on the store). Made in Quebec and assembled in New Hampshire. The workmanship and materials are of very high quality. I own 5 Godin instruments and they are all outstanding quality and sound. I frankly don't know how they make such good stuff for so little money - it's maybe because they hardly ever advertise.

    I strongly urge you to seek one out and examine it carefully and play and listen. IMO Godin makes some of the best instruments out there in a variety of price brackets - from the affordable to extremely high end. But across the board, there stuff is generally much higher quality than any other brand in a particular price range. For example, their LGX electric guitar is on par with PRS guitars for about half the price.

    Their website is:


    You can find the dealer(s) near you by clicking on the 'dealer locations' part of the site. You may have to look a little harder for them, but they are well worth looking for.

  3. Turlu

    Turlu Supporting Member

    Sep 11, 2000
    Ottawa, Ontario CANADA
    I totally agree with Rob W

    The GODIN are presently the best value. You can not beat the quality of those basses for the price.

    Go for a GODIN. You will notregret it and probably use it as your first Bass...
  4. Joe Nerve

    Joe Nerve Supporting Member

    Oct 7, 2000
    New York City
    Endorsing artist: Musicman basses
    I just picked up a Dan Electro Hodad for 295$, and I absolutely can't believe how this thing sounds. It may become my main bass. I've gigged 2X with it so far and put it up against my P-bass Deluxe (MIA). The sound (and variety of sounds) kicked ass on the P-bass. I kept switching back and forth and the Hodad was clearly punchier, more articulate, and cut through the mix better. I am in love with this bass. I've played a bunch of them in the stores before I bought this one, and never liked the set up they seem to be shipped with. I like my action kind of low, and they never felt too good when I picked one up. One store was willing to adjust it to my liking though, and I was immediately sold. Now this thing feels great. I think it can't be beat.
  5. SantasCabanaBoy


    Jan 15, 2001

    Thanks for the input, I really appreciate it. But I sincerely doubt that a $300 dollar Godin is going to replace my Rickenbacker. Keep the comments coming, the more advice the better
  6. chance6245


    Sep 25, 2000
  7. I think you'd be surprised. You have to have an open mind though. I have a 1973 Ric 4001, and quite frankly the the overall quality of my Godin instruments is actually better.

    Granted, the Ric and the Godin aren't exactly the same tone, but quality-wise, I'd never feel sheepish about taking any Godin into any pro situation (and I frequently do).

    BTW, although they make lower priced instruments as well as instruments that cost over $2000, they are all extremely good.

    They are quite simply great instruments. Don't penalize them for keeping their prices down. The low price does not mean low quality in the case of Godin. They just aren't hosing us everybody else.
  8. Check out the Cort Curbow. I played a 4-sting in a store and I loved it. It costs $380, on sale, and I was really impressed. I ve heard nothing but good stuff about the Curbow. It's probably going to be my next bass.

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