Quality headphones for recording/mixing, but can take abuse

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  1. With the holidays coming up I wanted to take advantage and, while not saying goodbye to my old pair of sorny's, get a better pair of headphones that I can use with recording (as the padding on my sony's have been used that they don't grip my ears and start to slide off my head) and mixing. I've borrow my dad's AKG headphones, and I liked them alot, they were ALWAYS up for any abuse I was able to put them through. Sleeping with them on, accidently dropping them, and just frequent long usages. I'm looking for a set that has these characterists, with a big big emphasis on withstanding abuse.
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    I've been really happy with my AKG K101s, and really like the K240s. I'd suggest the 240s for longer uses, but think the 101s might stand up to a little more abuse. I'm afraid I pretty much only have experience with AKGs, though.
  3. I don't really like open back headphone styles, but thanks for the advice. I'll look into these.
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    I am using fostex t50rp's... they seem to have held up so far, and the price/ specs are pretty attractive.
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    I have heard many good things about Sennheiser HD 280's. Cnet also thought they were pretty darn good.
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    Full disclosure, I'm a certified Fender technician working in a music store that carries Fender, Yamaha, and Ibanez products among others.
    My ATH-M40 cans from Audio-Technica sound good, feel comfortable, and have withstood repeated abuse (slobber, groping, twisting, yanking out of my hands to hear, etc) from my 3-year-old. Not bad, really.
  7. Look into Sennheiser. The best headphones out there IMO.
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    I have two pair of Senn HD580 that I've used for mixing and critical listening for about ten years, and they're amazing.

    However, if you really liked the AKG's..... maybe you just need your own pair?

    And one note about sleeping with them..... if you sleep on your back, they're fine, but if you sleep on your side or stomach, it's almost impossible. You might want a good pair of earbuds for this, perhaps the <$20 Senn MX500, while keeping a "large" pair of AKG's or Senns for other purposes. Nothing is more comfy than an earbud when your ear is pressed into a pillow.

    Also, take a close look at the impedance of the phones before you buy.... my HD580's sound awesome, but they're high impedance cans, and there's no way that any portable player can drive them to even a medium volume level. Maybe another reason why you'd find a full-size pair, along with a low-impedance set of earbuds, to be the best setup....
  9. Can't say enough good things about the Sennheiser HD280.
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  12. More expensive: Beyer DT770

    Less expensive: any of the small AKGs
  13. I've had a pair of AKG K-66 for about 4 years now, I had K240s for about 5 years up until recently when I decided their time was up.

    The K240s I found extremely uncomfortable for long usage but they sounded good. Like putting a wood clamp on your head. The vinyl/pleather earcups on those was like a stretch over design and eventually it got large cracks on it that were scratching my ears so I trashed em.

    K66s are much more comfortable and sound good also but the vinyl/pleather cup has come unglued quite a few times so far. The gluing area was really poorly designed.
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    +1 I also have these. I bought them because all the parts are supposed to be field replacable.

    There is a nail in the floor that tends to snag the cord and pull them off my head. I also tend to step on the cord and pull them off my head. I have had them for about a year now. They have survived my abuse so far :p They are used at least five nights a week since I tend to put in some practice late at night.

    I don't have enough experience with headphones to compare the sound, but they sound good to me. I used them for practice, not studio work.
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    I also reccomend these. I used them myself for recording, and the linear response to very low frequencies is astounding.
  16. I'm leaning towards the Audio-Technicas

    I also wear glasses, and sometimes with the broken sony headphones ($20 that I got 2 years ago, currently being held together by duct tape. I am not kidding.) I start to get pain from wearing the headphones so long. I figured this is a problem with all headphones and glasses. Am I right?