Quarter Pounders in Renegade.

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  1. Well I have an OLD cheap Renegade Bass(part of peavey i believe)... it has the P-Style pickups... it is played through a 25 watt 12 inch speaker and it gets some volume, sounds OK.... What will adding 1/4pounders do?

    Is it worth adding pickups to a 100 dollar bass as a backup bass or whatever? CAN I add them or will I have to do a bunch of adjusting or cleaning pots whatever?

    Will it give me a good tone or is there more to it than the pickup?

    MAIN ?: Will they fit and can I do it?

  2. no one knows if these will fit into an old P-Style bass? (Non-Fender)

    This isnt something I want to take to a luthier and I dont want to blow cash on pickups that I wont beable to use.
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    Oct 18, 2001
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    music go round near me is 10 bucks to swap a pikcup, bring it to a guitar shop and ask.
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    I asked myself the same questions when I bought my Hondo 830 Fame series bass. It was the 1st affordable left-handed bass I could find. $279 at the time. Shortly after, I bought a set of QPs. Best investment to a cheap axe I could make. The sound can only be an improvement.

    Will they fit? The Seymour Duncan website has dimensions for the pickups. Take a measurement and compare.

    If you don't have good soldering skills, take it in. Most luthiers will do a great job and probably not charge too much for it.

    I did mine on my own and may end up re-doing things because I'm suffering from a noise issue. I'm adding shielding. You may also want to consider adding that as well.