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QUEST: Best 3/4 Upright under $ 1,000

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by DapperSlapper, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. I want a 3/4 upright bass and have looked at a few new for around $ 750.00. They seem decent and even with ebony fingerboards. Any educated opinions as to the best (tolerable?) uprights out there under $ 1,000 and preferable around $ 750.00? I understand I will only get laminates for that amount of money. I just don’t want to say “Oh what a piece of %&$##!” every time I pick it up. Ok, I may sound snobby here but just a regular musician and actually have (and play) a mandolin and guitar with laminates and they ain’t too bad. What basses have I looked at?
    -Merano (with ebony fingerboard, don't know the model but is not the cheapest and is around $ 750.00)
    -Cremona SB-3
    I looked at a few more but cannot remember their names and these two stood out as good values.

    Also, if it helps your comments:
    While I have been playing electric bass for just two years I am considered an intermediate to advanced player and my familiarity with strings and playing the six string guitar spans 40 years and mandolin for 4 years. I will be playing mostly Bluegrass and Jazz.

    Thank you in advanced for your comments and direction.

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