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question about 8x10 ampegs

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Er0, Jan 24, 2003.

  1. Er0


    Jan 15, 2003
    St Louis MO
    i have a ampeg svt 4pro and 1 ampeg 8x10 classic that i run mono

    my question is this

    if i get 2 8x10 cabs can i still run them mono with speakon cable?

    thanks ahead of time
  2. If the SVT4Pro can handle a 2 ohm load then yes, otherwise nope.
  3. Er0


    Jan 15, 2003
    St Louis MO
    i am pretty sure it can thanks again
  4. cb56


    Jul 2, 2000
    Central Illinois
    Since the SVT4pro has two power sections (600w at 4ohms x 2), why not run one 810 cab from each side of the amp? 600 watts into each cab?
  5. FuzzGtp


    Dec 28, 2002
    /me waves @ brian :)
  6. Er0


    Jan 15, 2003
    St Louis MO
    haha hello