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Question about Acoustic Basses

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Beauville, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. Beauville


    Jan 6, 2004
    My local guitar store recently got some Michael Kelly acoustic basses, and I have become quite fond of the Dragonfly Fretless. I have two questions:

    1) Is there any special strings or maintenance for a fretless acoustic bass that I will have to use/follow?

    2) Is there anything that's of higher quality than Michael Kelly in the same price range or lower? Any recommendations of other brands would be fantastic.

  2. Christopher


    Apr 28, 2000
    New York, NY
    1) If you're using phosphor bronze acoustic strings, they get grungy over time and can turn green if your hands are acidic. I'd recommend against roundwound strings on a bare rosewood fretboard, as they can chew up the wood in short order; try some black LaBella tapewounds.

    2) I suspect most of the instruments in Michael Kelly's price range are all from the same factory. The Cort, Dean and Ibanez ABGs are decently made and sound good, but not any better than the Michael Kellys, IMO.
  3. doublemuff216


    Jun 14, 2004
    Astoria NY
    i have an ibanez aeb-4 and it is SAWEET! $330...i also have seen/played some BEAUTIFUL tacomas...if yr willing to spend up to 1000 i suggest tacoma
  4. byrdsfan


    Feb 9, 2004
    Olympia is a cheaper Tacoma and gets good reviews on Harmony Central.
    I have a Jasmine and like it. It's a cheaper version of a Takamine.