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Question about avatar

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by xb100, Jul 13, 2004.

  1. xb100


    Mar 24, 2004
    NH, In
    Hey guys i've read here that avatar are great cabs for the $$. Then i also read that they're cabs out there that are better quality and what not. I was reading a thread awhile back that someone wanted info on the SWR working man 4004 half stack package and one fellow said the workingman series cabs are not that great for the $$. And that avatar would be better. What are some cab companies that are better then avatar is construction and what not. Since im saving up for my new rig i've been looking at stack packages and it seems all the online music dealers music123 and musiciansfriend only really carry the SWR stuff. Anyways for my rig i was thinking of a peavey max 700 or pre/power amp qsc1450 and a bbe bmax preamp just depends on my$$. And i was going to go with a 412 tvx cab. Then i got a glimpse of the swr workingman 4004 package comes with a 410 and a 115 with the 4004 head and its onyl like i think 100-200$ more than my PV idea. And then i thought about getting something from avatar people say they're great then others say there are better cabs out there it's kinda confusing like eveyrone is contridicting themselves? Or something if you could help me out thanks. And yes i realise there is a search function but i dont think i would have found the answers iam looking for. Thank you

    -Rob :bassist:
  2. I love Avatar...the B410 is a GREAT cab...

    I sold mine though to get something lighter...

    I'm getting a b210 and probly sb115

    I had some concerns about the SB115 so I emailed Dave about an hour ago and already got a response from him...that's the best part of avatar...not only GREAT cabs, but also you get Dave...one of the nicest and most helpful individuals ever created....You won't get that with SWR or Peavey...or atleast from my past experiences I haven't
  3. chiplexic


    Apr 21, 2004
    It is nice in this day to have response from a company like you get from Avatar. But...once you buy the product how much do you really need to converse with the manufacturer. I know if you have problems then you may need to alot. But Peavey,SWR,Avatar, these are ,for the most part, proven names so I'm not sure I'd let the fact that Dave is quick to respond be a hugh factor in deciding the final choice (but he is a nice guy) Now the Peavey amp,700MAX is a very good amp. I played through one and found it to be clear, not to bright ,not too tone heavy. Just good at reproducing your basses sound. The EQ is very responsive. Controls felt strong and durable. Which is what Peavey is known for. The tvx 4-10" cab handles alot of power (possibly more than Workman cab) and reviews say it handles it at high volumes,doesn't break up. But this is a heavy cab. Good thing about Peavey is they can be found used at great prices due to being a high sales volume product ,aka affordable. Their newer lines of cabs do sound better than older ones. Claim more engineering as of late.
  4. I have opened up my Avatar B115 cab and I can say that cab construction is top notch. 3/4 inch plywood, nice joining technique, solid construction of bottom vent. The only negatives I saw were the lack of good internal bracing and the use of drywall screws to hold the driver in place. Neither of these have been an issue for me. I don't hear any rsonant peaks and the speaker is well in place. Overall I would say Avatar cabs are an excellent value.

    I also have a B212 cab and this is my favorite sound wise. It kicks out the lows and sounds tight throughout the frequency spectrum. I think the Delta 12lf is the best compliment to the Avatar cab design and specs. I havent tried the Delta 10 cabs.