Question about Darkglass AO ultra

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Bassnninja, Jul 14, 2020.

  1. Bassnninja


    Jan 5, 2018
    Has anybody put a booster in front of it?

    Like a guitarist would put a TS or sone infront of their gain to get more drive?

    I like what the AOu does for me. I run it to put a touch or two of drive. Iv never liked its full on distortion though. Sound too lose and flubby for me.
    I was considering:
    A: get another distortion to run when I need it.
    B: try a booster of some type to tighten up the higher drive...but I dont kniw if thsts doable.

    Any recomendations?

    I also tried an X ultra over last weekend, I like it for the same use as I am using the AO but higher gain on it just gets too hissy and clanky.

    Ultimatly along with the low gain normal tone I wanted a nice high gain, focused, more saturated.

    Any incites?

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