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Question about different amounts of headroom with different cabs.

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by MorganM, Sep 4, 2002.

  1. MorganM


    Dec 11, 1999
    I am going to be getting my Ampeg B-5R shortly and will be running it through a SVT-410HLF.

    Since this can is a 4 ohm load the amp will be able to push a max of 350RMS watts.

    Now with my question, would there be the same headroom with pushing one 4 ohm cab at 350 watts vs. 2 cabs for a total of 2 ohms at 350 watts.

    Because the B-5R can push 500 watts at 2 ohms. Would I gain more headroom running my rig at 2 ohms vs. 4 ohms at the same level.

    I hope I made my question clear.
    Can anyone shed some light?
  2. Matthias


    May 30, 2000
    Vienna, Austria
    When you add another 410 cab two things come into play:
    - Your amp will put out a bit more power (increase from 350W to 500W isn't too much, double power would be a significant step)
    - You have doubled your speaker surface area, which is much more important.

    When I add a 112 cab to my 112 combo the increase in volume is huge. This way I don't have to push the amp as hard to achieve the same volume, which means I have more headroom left.

    When you use two 4Ohm 210's instead of one 4Ohm 410 I don't think that there would be a significant difference though (provided the 210s have about the same sensitivity as the 410, which is the case when they are of the same product line)

    I hope this makes sense,

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