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  1. I just got a loaner of a used Stingray from the music store that's doing a setup on my Rick 4003. The Stingray's pretty beat up appearance-wise, though it sounds great( a little fret rattle, but nothing a few turns of an allen wrench won't fix) and everything seems to be in good working order. The thing that shocks me is the price tag on the Stingray -$800.00. Now, I don't know if this is the price the owner is asking or if it's the music store price, but it seems an extravagantly high price for a used bass that's obviously been around the block a few times. I like the neck alot, but I wouldn't consider it anything special. I have no problem beating on the Stingray until my Rick is ready, but I doubt seriously I'd ever shell out 800 clams for it.

    Is this a case of me not having any idea what I'm talking about, or a case of the owner or the music store trying to take someone for a ride?
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    Apr 17, 2002
    it all can find them cheaper on better condition..even in the for sale forum...

  3. The fact that it's beat up usually doesn't drop the price that much as long as the bass plays and sounds good. Think of Pre-CBS Fenders* - I've seen some of them that look as though a funeral Mass should be said for them, but, they have astronomical price tags.

    Then again, the price tag on any bass is the starting point of the bargain; everything is negotiable. If someone not well schooled in used bass prices comes along and gives the shop the amount on the price tag, so much the better for the store. So much the worse for the buyer.

    Mike ;)
  4. Oh I hear you, Caveat Emptor(sp) and all that. The store in question, Daddy's Junky Music, is definately a non-haggling store (believe me, I've tried). I just wanted to see if anybody, with more of a clue than me, had an idea about what it may be worth. Personally, I wouldn't pay more than $300.00 for it, but I'm a cheap bastard.:D