Question about my SX and Custom Shop Pickups

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  1. Hey everyone, I have question. I've been having an issue with my Essex SJB62.. I've installed Fender Custom Shop reissue 62s in it. As many people have said, the output of the CS62s arent that hot so I have them raised up pretty high. The problem I'm having, since I play over the bridge pick up quite a bit, Im tearing up my fingers because they keep hitting the pole pieces between strings making it very uncomfortable to play. I guess I'm trying to use the pickup as a ramp and the pole pieces are getting in the way. Is there anyway around this to make the pole pieces flush with the pickup cover?? or are there any other suggestions??

    I wasnt too sure if this was strickly a pickup issue so I wasnt sure if it should go in the pickup forum or not.. Let me know if so and I'll delete it.
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    Put some felt or cork dots between the pickups and pickup covers to lower the pole pieces a bit. Not done it but it's an idea.