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Question about picking

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by LMotive, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. LMotive


    Jan 28, 2006
    I have done 90% of my bass playing to this point with my fingers, but i feel it would be more beneficial to me to learn with a pick, however i feel just lost with one in my hand, and have a real problem with "touch" on the strings hitting them to hard or to soft. now i know nothing about picks as my teacher taught me fingerstyle from day one and all my buds are finger players as well. even if someone can explain to me the pick itself i would be grateful
  2. Hi, it,s been a while since I picked but I can give you some advice.

    First, you need to know wich pick is good for you as the come in all thicknesses. just try as many as you can because they all sound different and feel different.

    Holding the pick :

    If I was there with you it'll take 2 sec and i'd show it to you, but on the internet it's a different thing :smug:

    you hold the pick between your index and your thumb, using the flat of your thumb ind the side of your index. try placing the pick on the side of your index and then just hold it in place with your thumb, it sould work :)

    now your ready to play ::hyper:

    picking is all in your fingers and wrist, your arm should barely move, the pick player you see moving there arm like jack hammers are only doing it for the show, in fact doing this affect precison quality of the sound and triple your chances of hitting a string beside the one you are playing.

    So try to move the pick as much as you can just using the finger and index and a little wrist, it will be hard a first but well worth it.

    for the playing strenght:

    there's no need to play hard as a matter of fact the softer you play the better th sound is going to be: you just need to find what sound you are looking to achieve and start from there...

    I hope you can get something out of this post , If you have any question feel free to ask.

    -Martin :bassist:
  3. LMotive


    Jan 28, 2006
    hi thanks for the info but i got a quick one can you just tell me the what difference it makes with different pick guages just because i might be having to make a trip to buy some picks
  4. well, thinner picks sound thinner and more defined, bigger picks sounds fatter with less definition.

    But don't buy anything below .60 mm as the pick will not have enough rigidity to move bass strings effectivly.

    what I suggest is buying one or two of each gauges sonce picks are not really expensive. buy a .60 a .73 .88 a 1mm and a 1.14 mm you should be set and find wich one you like (those are all dunlop tortex picks thicknesses by the way) it should not cost you more than 2 bucks so you should be alble to buy some pick and feed the family this week :smug:
  5. I'd get something like a 2mm or higher as well, since a pick that thick slides across the strings nicely.