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Question about strings

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by musicman5string, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. musicman5string

    musicman5string Banned

    Jan 17, 2006
    Hello to all-
    I'm new here at TB, and it's a great place...

    Question about strings: I play primarily Jazz, use a 100 year old German DB, and am looking for new strings. The strings I have used in the past include:
    Gut strings by Damien Dulugolecki
    Spirocores (Orchestra Gauge)
    Heliacore Hybrids

    I currently have Weichs on there, and I generally like them, although not sure if the G string is the best. However I do prefer them over the Orch. gauge. For some reason they speak a little better on my bass.

    My question is, after reading so many threads about strings, I've noticed alot of guys mixing string sets up in order to get the sound they want. However, my favorite players right now don't do this. I'm thinking how Dave Holland uses Spirocore Orch., Christian McBride uses Heliacores, etc.
    What is a good string comparable to Weichs that might have a G string not quite as thin?

    Thanks in advance for any info.
  2. Why not try Spiro Weich E, A, and D, with an Spiro Orch. G. Just a thought.
  3. How about Corellis?
    Try either the F or TX gauge.
    Easy to play, pizz similar to Spiros, and they're supposed to bow great.
  4. musicman5string

    musicman5string Banned

    Jan 17, 2006

    Hey Mike-
    Yeah, when I had the Spiro Orchs' on there I felt the G was really whiny and nasaly. The Weichs seem a little better but they have a thinner tone....maybe it's just my bass....dunno.
  5. musicman5string

    musicman5string Banned

    Jan 17, 2006
    Never have tried them; were you pleased with them?
  6. I felt the same way, the Spiro E was a little too stiff for me, but I liked the d and g but the weichs from what I remember were pretty nice except for the thiner sound. I've been using Velvet Animas, but I'm getting a little tired of them and miss the steel string sound a bit. I was thinking about the Spiro idea I suggested to you, but I may go for Dominants or something else more arco freindly.

    This string thing is too much to handle.

  7. B. Graham

    B. Graham Guest

    Aug 11, 2002
    DOM's are cool, if you're really careful with your installation prep, and you don't take them of back on a lot.

    Nice arco, nice growl, fat and stiff, but not too stiff at all. To me the sound is two-fold. Not to present myself as a dork, but it's kind of a "thack-dooom" sound. Interested gut-like sound to the attack, and then a nice rich thick tone swells up immediately thereafter.

    Good luck.
  8. Bill,
    What type of installation prep are we talkin' about here? I've read about the breakage issue with them, that makes me nervous. :meh:
  9. VTDB


    Oct 19, 2004
    I just put a set on, on Sunday. Lubed up the nut and bridge slots real nice with a soft graphite pencil, brought them up to pitch slowly. Not slowly=5 hours but probably a crank or two every couple of minutes. I haven't had a problem with them yet. Hope that helps.
  10. B. Graham

    B. Graham Guest

    Aug 11, 2002
    Graphite lube, pencil lead, your choice. But also, there's a new tip floating around here in the String section about applying a small amount of oil where the string passes over the nut. I haven't learned yet what kind of oil.

    I had an E break. I think from moving from one bass to another, before I learned to avoid that. Thomastik replaced it rapidly, and at not cost, but the strings we not very old.

    In general, bass strings are too damn expensive for a whole lot of experimenting. Lots of great strings have their "issues". DOM's are a great string that has been much over looked I think, until lately.

    That said though, the next string I want experiment with is the Velvet Compas 180 set.

    Good luck.
  11. Thanks for the replies gentlemen, I'll look into the oil idea. I always use the pencil lead lube when changing strings. Bill, I hear you about strings being too expensive for experimentation. My head is still spinning over the Animas I bought over a year ago. Man there is something about those strings I love, but at the same time I get sick of them.

    I think I need professional help! :confused:
  12. Uncletoad


    May 6, 2003
    Columbus Ohio
    Proprietor Fifth Avenue Fret Shop. Technical Editor Bass Gear Magazine

    Care to elaborate on that?
  13. Let me begin by saying this is just how I feel and have heard many bass players make these strings sing beautifully, which is why I find it so hard to take them off my bass.
    Well first I don't like the arco sound on them, it sounds kind of dead. As far as pizz goes, they make my bass sound big and open, but they are just a little to "loose" for me. The E and A strings are the biggest problem with that. At one time I had the strings cranked up pretty high and they had more snap to them pizz wise, but then there was less sustain. Plus I really don't want a supper high action.

    I had recorded myself practicing pizz (with a condenser mic about three feet in front of the bass) the other day and really loved the big sound, but there was also alot of noise from my fingers on the round copper windings. Also I heard lots of extra sound when lifting my finger off the string. Overall I felt they don't do what I want them too.

    I know that my technique could probably benifit from really trying to make these strings work out, but I've had them on for quite a long time and always feel like they just make playing a little more annoying for me.

    They're like dating a really hot lady with a terrible personality. :D
  14. Uncletoad


    May 6, 2003
    Columbus Ohio
    Proprietor Fifth Avenue Fret Shop. Technical Editor Bass Gear Magazine
    Thanks. Its never simple is it. There is always a compromise. I get into these love/hate things with strings.


  15. Yeah it can be rough, I'm just worried my bank account wont be able to keep up with my string search. I will say the Animas are worth a try though, as you know many people pull them off beautifully.

  16. musicman5string

    musicman5string Banned

    Jan 17, 2006
    Well, I told David Gage to put Weichs on my bass when he's done with my repair work.
    Not sure if I still want that G string though......
    I remember at one time reading an article with Marc Johnson saying he used Weichs but replaced the G with a Flexicore........anyone with thoughts on that?
    I never have tried a Flexicore.
  17. Jeremy Allen

    Jeremy Allen Supporting Member

    Mar 18, 2002
    Bloomington, IN
    Scott Colley also reportedly uses a Flexocor G with Spiros on the E and A (and an Obligato on the D--can't imagine how that can possibly work, but he sounds superb). I just put a set of Spiro mittels on after suffering through some warranty issues with my Animas (such great strings! but not when they fall apart) and have to say that I'm going to probably take the G off and put a Flexocor on there. I haven't bought a new set of Spiros since around 2002, and man these are NOT the same as they used to be. I know the Thomastik people deny that they've changed the formula, but I'm not insane. (I think.) The strings are much more "broken-in" right out of the box, and the arco response seems better; the mittels don't seem to "pop" quite like they used to, but they're easier to play--like a cross between old mittels and weichs. (And I don't think it's my memory playing tricks on me--I've had "old formula" mittels and weichs on my bass in the past month, and the difference is noticeable.)
  18. I'm back to using Spiro Orch's on my bass (for the time being) I too hate the G string and have been using a Obligato G in it's place. The sound is good and the Obli G blends well (both sound and feel) with the Spiros. I do plan on checking out Dominants in the near future.
  19. musicman5string

    musicman5string Banned

    Jan 17, 2006

    After speaking to David Gage the other day I've decided to try the Heliacore Hybrids. Will report when I get the bass back.