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  1. Does the regular length work on a 35" bass? They make extra long strings but only for 4 string basses. I have a 6.:(
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    Maybe Thomguy will weigh in on this one, but I think the answer is no.
  3. Anyone? All it takes is for someone who has the strings to look at their bass and see how much usable length extends past the nut. It's that simple.:)

  4. I don't use the flats, but the company sent me a set of prototype long scale jazz rounds, after I carped long enough ( the regular scale won't fit my F-bass). Well everything was cool until the B string, which is too long for the F-bass, got put on by my ex-tech, wound metal around the post, and snapped the core. luckily the only string from the regular set that fit was the B. I would imagine that they willl be putting these out pretty soon.
  5. So you're saying that the regular length does'nt work on your F-bass. :confused: I thought F basses were 34" scale. Is it string through body? :confused: Do they not work because the end of the string doesn't reach the tuning peg or is it that the the largest windings don't reach the nut? :confused: And how could the B string be too long? Couldn't you just cut the extra length off? :confused:

    I know that the strings would have no problem reaching the tuning pegs on my bass. My bass is not string-through-body and the distance from the string ball hook thingey to the tuning peg is actually a little shorter than the same distance on a Fender.

    What I need to know is how far the largest winding extends. If it extends at least 1" past the nut on a 34" non-string-through-body bass than the strings would work on my bass. If the strings work at all on a string-through-body 34" bass, they would probably work on my bass.
  6. c-jazz;
    yep you guessed it, my Caron 6 is thru-body, F-bass scale is 34 1/2", the windings (silk) extended past the nut onto the fretboard. On the extended range strings, the B string was so long that the unexposed heavy part of the string actually wrapped around the peg, a no-no. If I had the reversed headstock it might have made it.
  7. :)

    1. How far did the silk wrapings extend over the nut?
    2. Did the heavy part of the string reach the nut?
    3. Would it be possible to simply remove a little of the silk wraping?
    4. How much string is between the ball end and the bridge saddle on your bass?

    Sorry about all the questions. It's just that a set of Thoms for my bass would cost around $60 :( and I want to make sure they would work.
  8. See if this helps, I have a Bossa 6 that is 34 3/8" scale and the usable part of the B string extends past the nut for approx. 1 inch, seems like plenty. It is approx 1 1/4" from ball end to bridge saddle. I know the Thoms are pricey, but I only change mine when I feel physical changes to the underside of the strings from fretwear, and they still sound great. You could always take your axe to the store, make them unwrap the damned things and check the length. What kind of bass do you play?
  9. Modulus Quantum 6 string

    Thanks for your help hexbass!:)

    I figured they would be worth the price because they last a very long time. I just didn't want to get them if they wouldn't work. Thanks Again

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    I have TI flats on my jazz bass. There is about an inch between the nut and where the red silk stuff starts. I'd say it might work. If your bridge is string-through it probably won't.
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    Sorry for the lack of response, but I've been in and out of the office lately and on top of that, we've had some computer difficulties as well.

    The shortest string in the flatwound (JF346) 6 string set is the low B at 48.38" overall, with 36.13" between the silk windings (vibrating or speaking length) If you can measure from where the ball end anchors to the nut and get 36.88" or less then TI's will work. If it's close, you can shave about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch of silk before the first taper without any adverse effects. It gets confusing sometimes, so please feel free to call me here at the office or email me directly: 1-800-644-5268
    [email protected]

    That, of course, goes for anyone on the forum with techie questions, or in need of a catalog, etc...
  12. Thanks Thomguy. :) It looks like it's going to work. I'll let everyone know for sure when I buy them.
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    Oct 15, 2001
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    Please do. I hope to add the Modulus Quantum 6 to the list of basses that they'll work on. Another note; since they're designed for a 34" scale bass, the tension will increase slightly. Which with our low-tension strings will probably be a added benefit. Keep us posted...

    My best,