question about twang?

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  1. fdiaz05


    Oct 24, 2002
    i was wondering how do some bassists get that twangy and scratchy sound out of their bass? is it a bass thing or a matter or the amp setting?
  2. Its to do with everything I guess, amps, effects, and bass used.

    OR maybe you are referring to technique? Slapping, popping, tapping...?

    What songs are you referring to? Maybe I can tell you what the deal is.. :)

  3. fdiaz05


    Oct 24, 2002
    well no song in perticular but i guess the generic sound of rock bassists that use picks. hey would it help if an active bass was used? or will a passive give ya the twang? bands in perticular tool, and chevelle
  4. All of these could do or help with that sound:

    - Roundwound strings
    - Rickenbacher basses
    - Bias towards bridge pickup
    - Thin gauge strings
    - The tone or eq settings on an amp
    - Dense, heavy bodywoods
    - The tone settings on the bass
    - Picks
    - Terrible action setup
    - Maple fretboards
    - Ebony fretboards

    and probably a dozen others I haven't mentioned.
  5. You forgot Hambone... The Gaffa tape holding the guitar strap on, the stickers on the bass too... give u that real Clack clack sound... oh wait wrong thing! he wanted twang.. not Fieldy. :rolleyes:

    I cant see the setup aspect in the question.. am i losing it? Thats two threads in a row....