Question about USA Fender tuners

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  1. Can anyone tell me if the tuners from a 2006 bass are compatible with a newer model (say a 2011 model)?
    They look very similar and both require 2 small pilot holes in the back of the headstock to secure.
    Does anyone know, I don't have access to both models to check.
  2. walterw

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    Feb 20, 2009
    i assume we're talking about american standard basses, and you're thinking about the new lightweight keys in place of the old boat anchors?

    ('cause the other way around would make no sense.)

    i'm not sure, but the backs of the new ones are a good bit smaller, so they probably don't go right in; that said, lightweight keys are well worth doing on those old american standards, so any additional drilling is worth it.
  3. Sorry - yes I meant the light weight keys on the newer American models. I know what they looked like up until about 2006 as I have a US Standard and used to own a 2006 Deluxe J.
    The reason I'm asking is I have a spare set of these keys that I have advertised on an Aussie forum and there is a guy interested if they will fit his 2011 bass. I dont have a 2011 model handy to check so I thought someone might know.
  4. not without mods, the locator pins are on different sides of the key on the newer ones.
  5. Thankyou - this was what I didn't know.