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question and answer "technique" for creating walking bass lines

Discussion in 'Music [DB]' started by pericles, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. pericles


    Sep 8, 2003
    Hi everyone I'm new to the forum,I've been going through several threads which I found to be very interesting and I thought that maybe you'd be interested in reading about this:

    A few months ago I bought the "Groovy" cd with red garland,paul chambers and arthur taylor playing.I have to say that Mr P.C plays one of the most beautiful and intelligent walking lines I've ever heard on that first tune of that record : "C jam blues". The way he creates motion in his bass line is by using what to my ears sounds like a "question and answer " pattern.

    Now,when someone asks you a question about something you respond to him and what you say is relevant to the question he posed.In other words the question and the answer both revolve around a topic and that topic is expressed( or implied ) in both.

    Mr P.C devides his walking line in segments or phrases might be a better term. Those musical phrases ,while different, (they do not consist of the same notes) have some things in common that allow us to hear them as contrasting with one another.Those little ideas ,those little repeated motifs,are what hold the whole line together and make it musical to our ears.

    For example he might play for that first bar of c7 : c/g(fourth below)/d(fifth up)/db and resolve to c as 5 of the f7(or 1 of I7 whatever ).Now instead of forgetting he ever played that,he'll USE that pattern(or a part of the pattern or a form of the pattern) maybe in the beggining of the next four bars in a manner that will suit the harmony of the moment but that will also sound familiar and THAT will lead our ear (and most importantly it will also lead HIS ear as well while constructing the bass line) to hear the phrases as related .

    I hope all this makes some sense,it's pretty late here right now (i'm in greece) and I'll wait to see what your thoughts are on this.I'm not sure I made what i wanted to say clear but i tried;)
  2. kwd


    Jun 26, 2003
    silicon valley
    I think I understood the gist of the technique but I was hoping I could get some more detail. How would the technique be applied to the remaining 11 bars?

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